APRIL FOOLS! and Congratulations to Linny!

Yes, it was Linny who correctly deduced that my stalker was nothing but fiction. An April Fools joke I conceived a week ago. I hope no one is mad. I do sincerely appreciate that most of you seemed genuinely concerned for my well-being. I am however a tad surprised at Michelle who scolded me to “stop feeding their ego!” I was hurt that she thought I would be so foolish as to publicize a crazy person’s delusional behavior. And really, let’s face facts, as much as I want to be famous, I don’t think I’ve quite achieved stalker-worthy status yet. To all of you who are perhaps angry with me or hurt that I would deceive you, I apologize. As I often tell my co-workers, I only joke with the people I really like. That I also mean sincerely. I considered many avenues by which to pull an April Fools prank, but anything else seemed too mean spirited. I thought of fatal illness or possible fame and fortune as avenues for my deception, but both seemed mean to either you or me. I now return you to the regularly scheduled idiocy that usually fills this space.

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  1. Phil, the reason i said that (and other stuff) was because i was getting pissed off. I have a large amount of respect for you, and feel (felt) that you’re one clever guy whose background should be sounding alarm bells not to broadcast this kind of thing on here. In other words, its not how you handle stalkers, you and i both know it’s the wrong thing to do.Then when you mentioned the Yahoo bit, i began to think….hmmmmm i reckon Phil isn’t who he says he is. Why? Because i myself have worked on one or two cases where Yahoo have been involved and i am familiar with how they operate! Or, that Phil is a fair dinkum fruitcake and is having us on. Now i am pissed off, coz i was rather concerned for you and your family.

  2. Ah ha! Well…if it makes it better…it was VERY entertaining. You should work some crazy stalker thing into your novel.I totally forgot that today was April Fools day.

  3. I didn’t take this too seriously considering every man on this earth would be happy to have a secret admirer. 🙂

  4. I was hoping you were kidding but you started to scare me for a minute. Very, very good, Phil! If you’ve checked my blog recently you probably read the good news…I’m expecting a baby!!!P.S.I was stalked once (at work, he didn’t know where I lived) and it was not funny in real life. Luckily the guy was harmless but you never know there ARE whackos out there!!!

  5. Well done for the well-planned April Fools Joke.I was seriously worried about you, though. Thank goodness it isn’t really happening.Have a great week.Take care, Meow

  6. Michelle- Did you just call me a fair dinkum fruitcake? Thanks, I’ve never been called fair dinkum anything before. At least not to my face.Hi Linny, You apparently knew me too well to fall for my prank. I had you for a few days though didn’t I?Cinthia- Secret admirer and stalker are two different things. I don’t need either though since I have such great blog friends like you.Barbara- Congrats on your great news. That is wonderful! You’re not saying it’s mine right?Meow- Thanks, I’m glad you took it in stride and aren’t angry with me, and thanks for being concerned for me.

  7. i’ve often considered stalking as a hobby – everybody needs one you know… a hobby, not a stalker… but from what i understand… stalking is hard work and i’m actually quite lazy. so i think i’ll stick to eating raisinets as a hobby, eating raisinets isn’t hard work, not usually.

  8. I’ve got some jellybeans to send you, ya stinker!At least you didn’t try to convince us you were pregnant. Glad to know it was just a joke…

  9. You are a major dork.

  10. I’m not mad. I don’t get mad…I get even. And by the way, April Fools is meant to be on April 1st only. It is not fair to start prior to or to continue after that date. Haven’t you read the rules??? What makes me upset is that I prayed for you for all the WRONG reasons! None the less, I am really glad it was just a joke even if it was in very poor taste.

  11. Well I think it was one of the best pranks I have seen in a long time!Cheers to ya Phil..I believed you, although thats not saying much, I’m way too gullible.

  12. Yaay for you and having us all completely fooled! Fair play to you. hehehe 🙂-N

  13. ahahaaai am not angry! i am glad you don’t have a stalker, although i am a bid sad for you too for not having achieved stalker-worthy status yet.

  14. I was getting seriously freaked out for you (I read from the old posts up- should have started here). It made me think that I should be more careful about what I put on my blog- RELIEVED to hear it was a joke… By the way, I’m missing some pink stationery- have you seen it? hahahaha~ Fab ; )~

  15. very believable (isn’t it sad this stuff is commonplace)you are quite a writer.glad to hear it was just a prank though, i was truly concerned about the bunny.

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