No, it’s not my birthday. That’s December 23rd for those of you inclined to gift giving. The Phil Factor is one year old today. For that I would like to thank everyone who has ever commented on this blog. Without your encouragement I would have abandoned this project long ago. Although I’ve enjoyed discovering the fun of writing for others I’ve also enjoyed meeting so many of you through your blogs. When I make it big and publish a novel you’ll all get a mention inside the book cover.

17 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

  1. Happy Blog B-day!

  2. Thanks Kim, what’d you get me?

  3. Many Happy Returns Phil, and many more 🙂

  4. ******grinnin…..walkin in with paddle in hand……..ok …where’s that birthday boy????

  5. If you really want something, I’ll give you a good swift kick in the ass after that April fool’s stunt you pulled! LOL

  6. Happy birthday, Phil Factor! I am your number one fan and will start sending your author creepy notes and following him around everywhere for real. But shhhh, don’t tell him I said that. It’s a surprise 🙂

  7. Happy Blog Birthday, Phil. Well done. You are always an interesting read, hope we get many, many more posts out of you !!Take care, have a great week, Meow

  8. Happy Happy Bloggin’ Birthday! You have a great blog, keep writing, and with your April Fools joke, I think you need to share some of those future royalties with your loyal readers 🙂

  9. HEY!Happy Blog birthday!I’m going to give you what I ALWAYS give you…a rough time!

  10. Happy Blogday!

  11. happy belated bloggy birthday and etc.amy

  12. Happy Birthday Blog! We’ve loved having you…

  13. WOW!!! Congrats.

  14. Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad that you didn’t give up… Tawnya

  15. Golly Phil Factor, you’re older than dirt.

  16. *Bring in the cake and candles*Someone else is bringing the gifts 😛Happy Blog Birthday!

  17. Phil you are too much! I thought I was the only one who celebrated my < HREF="http://dzeni.blogspot.com/2005/05/one-year-on.html" REL="nofollow">blog’s birthday<>. All the best on this special occasion.

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