Thoughts That Haunt Me at Night

1. I’ve recently seen ads for chewing gum that whitens teeth. What a great idea! What’s next, cigarettes that freshen breath and fight lung cancer? I can’t wait for the beer that will give me six-pack abs and fight liver disease.

2. If the woman on the T.V. show Medium is such a good psychic, why don’t they call her Large?

3. If I run out of ideas to write about and I just ramble off the top of my head here, will people still read my blog. I guess I’m about to find out.

4. Why are there so many Canadian and Australian bloggers? I think those countries produce more bloggers per capita than any other country. What do these two countries have in common that causes so many people to blog? (I had a joke here disparaging one of those two countries, but because I hold my online friends from those two countries in such high esteem I decided to keep it to myself)

5. Why doesn’t some newspaper editor stumble across my blog, realize what a brilliant talent I am and immediately offer me a syndicated newspaper column?

18 responses to “Thoughts That Haunt Me at Night

  1. LOL! Thanks Natalia!

  2. You do crack me up…. I am creating a blog for my camping trip and other small side trips we are taking this week, ( ) stop by and visit… Tawnya

  3. I am Canadian, ergo, I blog.(oh…and that editor is going to discover me first Phil. Now if THAT thought doesn’t haunt you at night, nothing will!)

  4. Blahaha. Why do I continue to read Phil’s blog even though he calls my posts “creppy & weird” on MY bog? hahaha Ah, the mysteries of the universe. Funny stuff.~ Fab : )~

  5. Well. The thing that we *canadians and australians* have in common with eachother, is 1. Neither of use tried to break free of common wealth rule, so many years ago2. We both have just a general tolerance for Americans.

  6. It was Canada you were going to make fun of wasn’t it Phil? LOL!Seriously though, i’ve never thought about the amount of Aussies blogging, it’s not very publicised here, or should i say it wasn’t when i first began 2 years ago.

  7. Perhaps a good number of newspaper editors don’t use the blogging medium yet.

  8. I agree with Michelle … blogging is not often talked about here … prior to last November, I personally had never had anything to do with it, and plenty of people I talk to haven’t heard of it !! There are the odd few articles appearing in magazines now, though.Hope your week is going well.Take care, Meow

  9. Tawnya- Will do. I love to see other people’s vacations. It’s just like when the Brady Bunch went to the Grand Canyon.Tai- Well I don’t care if a Canadian editor discovers you. You get Canada, I get the U.S.Thirty- Did I really say “creppy” on your “bog”? Sorry about that!

  10. Princess- That’s funny, I thought it was the Americans tolerating Canadians!Michelle- Sure,umm..yeah, that’s it! It’s Canada I was going to mock!Cinthia- I think newspaper editors know about it, they just are too busy to scan the internet randomly looking for all the brilliant blog writers.Meow- It’s weird that it’s not talked about there since I seem to find a disproportionate amount of Aussie’s here. Maybe you’re all in a secret blogging cult.

  11. I love my Canadian and Australian blogger friends.

  12. 1. Bloody oath. Good idea.2. Ha!3. Nah, they won’t. If you don’t believe me, check out my blog!4. “Why are there so many Canadian and Australian bloggers?” We lack the entertainment options available in the developed world.5. I’ve taken point 5 already Phil. I’m about to be discovered… one day… actually an editor asked me for my photo recently in a swim suit. He said he gets all the girls to do that. Can’t wait til he publishes my work!

  13. Phil – thats what “they” would have you believe…..And with the president you have in power now, i think it’s more than Canada and Australia that are being tolerant of you guys

  14. Yes, why don’t they offer you some cushy high paying job because you are so talented?

  15. blahaha- Smart ass. hahahahaTyping issues yesterday. Your forgiven, you make me laugh. : )~Fab

  16. Justine- Where did your blog go? Have you given up blogging?

  17. Was it the joke about the moose and the igloo? Because I heard that one already. 🙂

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