Bonus Phil Nonsense!

I want to ask a favor of all my blogging friends. First, I want you to go to my archives on the left sidebar, click on the May 2005 link, scroll down and read the Friday May 6th post titled “More Finger Food.” Second, after you read that, cut and paste this link from today’s into your browser:

After you read that can you doubt my psychic powers? Then after you’ve read those two things, please go back and read my Oh Canada post below this one. I just put it up this morning and I don’t want anyone to miss it.

12 responses to “Bonus Phil Nonsense!

  1. Well, Hello Psychic Phil !!! That’s incredible !!Eeewwwww !!

  2. ….OH MY GOD…What are this weekends winning lotto numbers??? TELL ME!!

  3. Ewwwww LOL! Only you could predict something that gross!!

  4. I second what Michelle said. EWWW!!!

  5. A hint my friend, next time add the link to your post…make it easier on us! yea yea I know I am up late, but I couldn’t sleep, so I am visiting my blogging friends:) You are definitely psychic, and of course it would happen in my home state! yuck!

  6. ok..There is a 35 million $ lotto this Friday..Can u email me 7 numbers plus a bonus number…lol I promise if i win u win…hehehehe 😉

  7. yuck-o-rama!the upside is you could go on one of those psychic shows. Could be your moment of fame, Dr Phil!

  8. Oh . . . My . . . God!Is my house gonna close on time?

  9. This weeks lotto numbers are 14, 23, 37, 41, 44, and 52. The Bonus/extra/supplementary number is 17.Berly- No, of course your house won’t close on time. No one’s does. It doesn’t take a psychic to figure that out.

  10. Why do you need the lotto numbers? Finding limbs in your food in the US is like winning the lotto for the fat settlement the company will give you to keep you from suing.

  11. Just go to the States, bring some finger, or get your friend who works at the restaurant to cut off a bit of theirs, and split the moo-lah!

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