I’m Almost Famous!

Here is the exact cut and pasted transcript of an e-mail with the subject, “Psychic Phil” that I received yesterday:

05-02-06 3:34 So on my lunch break my wife tells me someone found a
fingertip in some food at TGI Friday’s which had apparently been cut
off by one of the cooks and it was his fingertip – and it apparently just
So in my quest to find out if this was true or at least in the news the
only thing close I could pull up was your little
blog in which you joke about a fingertip being found in TGI Friday’s
So have you heard anything true about this and if so how do you feel
about posting about it a year ago?

How cool is that? This guy wasn’t a blogger. He was just a guy who googled the subject. If one person came up with my blog when searching for info on the TGI Fridays story, then others must have too. This is may be my big break for fame and fortune. I’ll be known as the TGI Fridays psychic. Restaurants the world over will come to me asking for me to see into the future of their restaurant so that they can prevent future catastrophes.

8 responses to “I’m Almost Famous!

  1. LOOK OUT Dionne Warwick….Move over JoJo’s Psychic alliance….here comes Psychic Philly

  2. About David Blaine. He is weird in a way the worries me.About your psychic abilities, I’m still a tad skeptical.

  3. Ick…you blog was giving me issues trying to post…My comment was..whaever makes you happy Derrr Man 🙂-N

  4. This is it. I can feel it. This is your ticket. Get ready, Phil.

  5. To switch order on blogger, you need to muck around with the time / date setting of the post concerned. The most recent post always appears at the top of your blog so if you want this post to be second rather than first, simply change the time so that it appears to have been written earlier. To do this, see the page below:http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=139

  6. i can only laugh, ROFL!

  7. I think you should send a thank you to the gut who lost the finger. After all, he did all the sacrificing.

  8. TGI Fridays Psychic!! HA! HA! HA! That’s rich! I love it. lol

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