A Couple of Random Pictures

The top pic is of us in front of a Caddyshack poster at the bar. We thought that was perfect for us. The bottom pic is there because Gooby wanted you to see his pecs.

16 responses to “A Couple of Random Pictures

  1. Tell Gooby that if he wants his pecs to get more attention he should definitely remove the orange shoes…WTF was he thinking when he spent good money on those???

  2. Kim- I couldn’t agree with you more, although those orange shoes definitely do draw attention.

  3. The orange shoes…..lol, definately a fashion don’t. But all in all, looks like you are having fun….. Tawnya

  4. so evidently the only way you can go shirtless is if you wear crocks?

  5. Your friend looks like he has make up on…And those crocs look hilarious.

  6. any of you boys play golf?? I do and I love it…..I wonder if they sell orange golf shoes? (ha ha )….

  7. hello phil….just a couple of comments…first off great pics!!!also as said by pretty much everyone else ,,,not the best choice of foot attire. Although I know being kids at heart they should be allowed to wear those but nahhhh leave them for the tweenies.I can see the photographer snapping that picture now…”okay guys ready …on the count of three big big smile and suck in your gut!!!”oh and I love caddyshack only one better than that one was STRIPES!!!catch ya on the flip..phlip ha

  8. Yes Phil…I see your point, but with all due respect it comes down to this…Reaction #1(no orange shoes)WOW! Look the HOT guy with the nice pecs!!!Reaction #2(with orange shoes)WOW! Nice pecs, but what kind of geek wears orange shoes?I would recommend a nice pair of Timberland sandals…the Toraja Backstrap Sandal would probably work well for him. At any rate, he must ditch the orange crocs immediately if not sooner!

  9. Wow, they really do have those weird shoes. I think they’re birkenstocks … but then, since when is that an excuse?Hope you had a great weekend, Phil.

  10. While I do admit that his pecs are impressive… I also think it is impressive what a lovely shade of red you are in the top pic.

  11. i got nuthin.

  12. I’ve seen more skin on this website in the past week….!

  13. Men are so funny. Only a guy who’s REALLY sure of himself would have the courage to wear shoes like that (while showing off his pecs…).

  14. Those ‘croc’ shoes gets soled here in Oz especially for people involved with water sports, it’s nice to wear on pool deck to and from the change rooms.Sunburned? Ouch!!

  15. Those orange shoes are all the rage down under! Infact, i’d fit right into that photo with mine :o)although i aint going shirtless LOL!

  16. Well Gooby will be happy that his pecs and his shoes got all this attention. And now, back to our story…

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