A Quick Public Service Announcement

Beta Bloggers are now welcome. I’ve adjusted the comment settings so everyone but spammers can comment. I just wasn’t smart enough to know I had the settings wrong. We can all thank Linny and Quinn for straightening me out on this. Also I wasn’t smart enough to know I would offend anyone with the post below this. I was in no way trying to imply that thousands of years of male violence towards women is OK, but it’s not OK when the tables are turned. I think what those women did is great and should hopefully scare the hell out of all the bad guys out there.

6 responses to “A Quick Public Service Announcement

  1. Hey phil, You are most welcome…so glad I can be here again.I have a comment..Your blog is now “all fun and games until someone loses and eye”….I have to admit…I enjoyed it alot more when it was ” Ribbed for my enjoyment”…..((oh baby baby lmao)hahahahaha

  2. Quinn- I didn’t say how someone could lose an eye ; )

  3. BTW Quinn, are you the former 34quinn?

  4. Yeah I haven’t even started looking at Beta. I am happilt and innocently unaware. Ignorance is bliss.-N

  5. No problem Phil…I’m here for you.And I promise to never mace you if you pass through this way.. :o)

  6. HI phil….lol I thought about that aspect…..and yes cutie I am 34quinn…I am actually happy to be just quinn…but with computers you always seem to have to add numbers and extra letters etc when you try to set up accounts because “that name has been taken” lol..how dare someone have my name. arggg…call me 34quinn, quinn, quinnie even if you like..I will keep calling you cutie ..

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