The Blockbuster Hello!

As I approach the entrance, unconsciously I begin to tread more slowly, more softly, hoping that my presence will go undetected. My head intentionally turned, using the age old children’s technique of hoping that if I don’t make eye contact I’ll become invisible. I brace myself, take a deep breath, and push open the door in a rush, diving forward and simultaneously throwing what I’m carrying through the hole, hoping to create a moment of distraction that allows me to pass unnoticed. It never fails. The moment I stand up, all my evasive manuevers spent, in a painfully piercing high pitch I hear: “Hello! Welcome to Blockbuster!” I resign myself to the polite smile and wave.

These people are working on the weekend for minumum wage. There is no way that they can be this painfully cheerful. What kind of mind control drug does Blockbuster have them on? Just once I’d love to hear an honest greeting from them. “Yeah, yeah, I see you coming in. Look buddy, it’s Friday night, I’m 29 years old and I live in my parents basement. I don’t have a date and I’ve got no prospects in sight. I make minimum wage and this blue vest gives me a rash. If I have to fake one more cheerful hello I just might go postal on someone. Just pick your friggin’ movie and try not to bother me too much.” That would be kind of refreshing to hear. All that insincere cheerfulness is awkward for all of us.

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  1. hahaha…now PHIL…be a good consumer and fill out there little comment card……put what you just wrote down and give their boss the customer information that really needs to be heard…then ..those OH so cheerful employees( that have been told in order to maintain their minimum wage, horrible hour , job ..that if they aren’t cheerful they wont have it) can chillax a bit at work and you won’t have to scope out the perimeter before you enter the establishment. hahahahhaha( p.s. on a side come I haven’t seen you on my blog in ages and ages ?????hmmmm????)

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the oxygen in the place.

  3. They use mind control videos. Switch to NetFlix.

  4. *LMAO* i have the skeezy guy at my blockbusteras for the squeeky voice – does it belong to a teenager by chance?

  5. My 19 year old cousin is a manager at bb…i’ll find out why they do this, and let you know.

  6. My theory is that because Blockbuster is not doing well, they really are happy to see a customer.

  7. Oh god I was just thinking about this the other day LOL! I do my best to sneak in undetected. I HATE it when they yell “Hello!” It drives me up the wall…

  8. yah ….me too how come?????haven’t seen you either…

  9. my biggest fear is that this blockbuster-hollywood takeover is going to happen and my fave video store will go to the dark side.well, maybe not my biggest fear, but you know…

  10. I believe Blockbuster is the training school for Wal-Mart. It’s all in the attitude. That plus a lot of drugs.Good blog.Cheers,Ian

  11. Wow, we never get a welcome like that in Half the time there not even paying attention.

  12. Well, I can tell you the why, but I am not sure if you will get it. Customers surveyed have said that they like it when greeted when they walk in, it makes them feel special. It also cuts down on the shoplifting as well. If everyone is greeted, then they know they have been noticed and will be less likely to try to steal anything. Those are the whys. I personally wasn’t surveyed, so it isn’t my fault. Tawnya

  13. i love this post…so very descriptive of what many feel in the “false cheerfulness of the retail world”

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