I’ll Be Back Soon

I’m still alive and I’m about two weeks away from reviving this blog if anyone is still stopping by to check my pulse. Hope you’re all doing well. See you soon.

15 responses to “I’ll Be Back Soon

  1. Good to hear that Mr Phil Sir – I’ve been back a few times during your “down time” to check on you.

  2. A Phil sighting!! I’m so glad I have the little “hey read me, I’ve updated my blog” tags on my link list … otherwise I might have missed this rare occasion!See you in a few weeks. Unless of course you’re elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, before that. Then obviously you’ll be way too busy to come back and takl to us.

  3. I’m the same way. Don’t feel bad.

  4. I love that you announce your homecoming!Well, let’s see…I knew you were alive cause you stopped by and I also knew that you would be away because of your email. And although I was happy for the developments, I knew we would all miss you plenty.So I am very happy to see that you are gonna have time to once again grace us with your bloggy presence.Blog on, brother. (hehehe)-N

  5. REALLY?! (my heart stops for a moment in shock!) I ALMOST gave up on you, but your on my rounds in blog-land.

  6. Hello there Phil, will check in again another day look forward to reading.

  7. Still here.

  8. I am happy to hear that!!! Now that I can read blogs again as well as update my own… Yay!!! Tawnya

  9. A PHIL SIGHTING! (That was funny jmai!)Yup, here to check up you…can’t wait till you’re back!

  10. Glad you are OK, Phil … thought you’d up and abandoned us without saying goodbye.Take care, Meow

  11. Thought you were coming back soon?

  12. Glad you like Canadians; I was at a workshop on Friday and the speaker was from Tennesee; the first thing he did was apologize for George Bush; what are your thoughts?

  13. I want to get one of those strip aerobic DVD’s. :o)

  14. crap…I posted this on the wrong one. Oops.

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