Yoga Booty Ballet

Yes, it’s a real fitness workout DVD. How can you not love the name? I laugh just reading, saying, or thinking the name. No jokes needed. Yoga Booty Ballet says it all. I’m not big into the performing arts. I’ve never attended an opera or ballet, but I think I definitely would not miss the Yoga Booty Ballet if it came to my city. In fact I think I might join the Yoga Booty Ballet.

6 responses to “Yoga Booty Ballet

  1. Is there a DVD for those who wish to shake their junk? I think the number of folks who want to shake, rock, rattle, roll, heave, wiggle, strut and shape up their junk may far outweigh those who prefer yoga.If there isn’t a Jiggle That Junk DVd there should be.Good work Phil. cb

  2. work it phil, work it.

  3. Ummm I’m thinking “not so much.”-N

  4. Phil! You’re alive! I wanna do yoga booty ballet:D

  5. Can I come along, too? Inspiring descriptor.Ian

  6. I want to get one of those strip aerobic DVD’s.

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