Remember my Escapist Fantasy Post?

Remember my Escapist Fantasy post from Aug. 30th? I said that sometimes I feel like I want to get away from it all because it feels like I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders:

Well…I toook this plane:

And flew to this place:

And did this!

And I’m never going back! And if anyone tries to find me I’m going to drive away in this car:

4 responses to “Remember my Escapist Fantasy Post?

  1. Ha ha looks like someone's having fun! Great photos and I LOVE that car!

    The balloons on the head….less cool. 😉


  2. HAHA! Awesome! So many pretty ladies with you.


  3. Look at you living it up in my home state! It's like the fantasy version of Planes, Trains & Automobiles (minus the trains).

    I'm glad you're having fun!!


  4. i'm dumb, where are you? florida?


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