The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo

No, this is not a male version of the popular novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This is much better than that.  I’m pretty sure nobody had very many laughs reading that dragon tattoo book. The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo also is not a fictional character. The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo is a guy I see at my Starbuck’s almost every morning. To be fair, it’s not really my Starbucks. I am neither owner nor manager, but The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo still shows up there regularly regardless of my lack of affiliation with the place.

The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo is bald. Not old man, male pattern baldness bald, but “I shaved my head so I can look like a bad ass” bald.  The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo also has a giant scorpion tattooed on his bald head. A scorpion tattoo that is much larger than any real scorpion. The tattoo stretches from the top of his head, wrapping around the back and down to the top of the neck. Each morning I wonder, what exactly is he trying to tell the world about himself?

Evil. I think having a giant scorpion tattooed on a menacing bald head kind of screams evil. My shamrock tattoo says I’m Irish. His scorpion tattoo says ‘I’m evil.” In fact after observing The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo daily for a while now, I’m pretty sure he is actually Satan. Yup, the real one. Apparently, just like you and me, Satan stops for his Starbucks fix on his way to work every day. Coffee, black of course. None of those frou frou girly drinks with whipped cream.  He keeps to himself and goes about his business quietly while at Starbucks, but just the same, I’m pretty sure he’s Satan. He makes small talk with the baristas so as not to arouse any suspicion. He tips, but never too much or too little. He always sits alone at the table by the window.

I suppose it’s possible right? I mean, Satan has a job to do every day doesn’t he? If he didn’t show up for work each day encouraging evil, imagine all the police officers, military, and jail staff that would be out of work. Without evil our economy suffers. So like the rest of us, Satan’s day begins when his alarm goes off. Because he’s evil, he hits snooze. Twice. Then I imagine Satan walking his dog clad in pajama pants and a Motley Crue reunion tour t-shirt. Obviously, he doesn’t pick up the poop in a little bag because of his inherent evil nature. Unlike me, Satan never bothers to iron his shirt for work either. Before leaving for work he grabs his bagged lunch, grumbling over the low carb kick his wife is on, and gives Mrs. Satan a little kiss and let’s her know if he’ll be home late because there’s a need for a little extra unrest in the middle east. Then he hops in the Satan mobile (you would think a red car, but he thinks that’s too flashy and goes with black. Tinted windows of course. Maybe a Mustang.) Then he stops at Starbuck’s to have his coffee, check Facebook and go over his schedule, all the while making a mental note that when he gets some extra time he’ll have to perpetrate some evil on that guy in the tie who stares at him every morning.

Remember the 1995 Joan Osborne song, “What if God Were One of Us?”  If God could be one of us, so could Satan. And if Satan had a name, I imagine it wouldn’t be any of those fancy biblical names like Beezlebub or Lucifer. Seriously, how much of a giveaway would that be? He’d be constantly hounded by fans and papparazzi. No, I’m pretty sure that if Satan has a name it’s something like Ed. And yes Ms. Osborne, I would call him Ed to his face. I wonder if Ed has a blog…If he does, I’m pretty sure he gets more reads than I got last week because his friends click on the Facebook Like or Share button below. C’mon people, we can’t let evil win!

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17 responses to “The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo

  1. But did you ever try and talk to him???

  2. I kind of figured evil would ride a motorcycle!

  3. Ed would have known if you tried to take a sneaky picture of your head. That scorpion probably is an extra set of eyes.

  4. angelanoelauthor

    I bet if you asked that guy to take a picture of his head, he would have let you. You may have had to promise him your soul, but anything for a good pic right?

  5. I was wondering about you talking to him and asking for a photo even though you know he is Satan. I bet if you asked, he’d be happy to pose. I am sure people ask to take photos of his head all the time!

  6. You are correct. Many more laughs than when I read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”; however, I do believe that the man with the scorpion tattoo may have fit into “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo just perfectly. Maybe a new love interest of Lisbeth Salander? Thanks for an entertaining read, Phil!

  7. I wish there was a ‘love’ button. I would press it firmly for this post. It’s amazing, isn’t it, the characters you see at Starbucks? I suppose, like you say, Satan goes to work every day and needs his coffee fix just like the rest of us. (Black, of course, No frou-frou girlie drinks. Hah! You slay me! Thank goodness YOU’re not Satan.)

  8. I think I’ve seen him around! It’s definitely Satan himself! 😁

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