The Snap Judgement Oscar Awards


I suppose it was unavoidable that I had to write a new Oscars post. Since I rarely go see movies I’m going to make my Oscar predictions based on the commercials and my own convoluted logic.

Best Actor: Everyone is saying Bruce Dern for his role in Nebraska, but I want no part of a movie about the dullest state in the country. Bruce Dern’s best role ever was in The ‘Burbs in 1989. That movie also had Tom Hanks. It’s one of the most underrated comedies ever. This year though I’m going with  Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in The Great Gatsby. I saw that movie. It was in 3-D and there were lots of bright colors. I like the value of getting three D’s when the other movies only had two.

Best Actress: I’m choosing Amy Adams for her role in American Hustle.  I didn’t see the movie, but Amy Adams is much cuter than the other nominees. 

Best Supporting Actor: I’ve got to go with Jared Leto for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. I didn’t see the movie, but I do like some song’s by Jared’s band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Best Supporting Actress: And the winner is…Jennifer Lawrence for her role in American Hustle. Of all the actresses nominated, I only recognized one other name and that was Julia Roberts. I didn’t see either movie, but Julia was in the worst named movie of the year, August: Osage County. What the hell does that even mean? Are they going to do sequels with other months or other counties?

Best Picture: I’d like to say the one at the top left of this blog, but I’ll go with a movie instead. Drumroll please….. The winner of The Phil Factor’s Oscar for Best Picture is Captain Phillips ! It’s the only movie with the name Phil in it. That’s never a bad idea.

Lastly, I’m going to link to Suzie81‘s blog. Suzie asked readers to list their top 3 movies of all time that they could watch over and over. Here are mine:

1. The Princess Bride: Absurdly funny and cutely romantic. Yeah, I know cutely isn’t a word, but it seems to fit there doesn’t it?

2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: A room full of candy, little orange people and the trippy boat ride never get old.

3. Nothing in Common: An early Tom Hanks movie and the last movie Jackie Gleason ever appeared in. A great romantic comedy.

Now I’m going to ask what Suzie81 asked. What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time and why?

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the Oscars tonight. ~Phil

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  1. I love The Princess Bride! Thanks Phil – great post!

  2. Okay, I’m game. First of all, love the reasoning with your picks so therefore I will second all of your choices re the Oscars.

    I’ll go with ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, ‘A Clockwork Orange”, and “The Wall’. Sorry to be so predictably rock n’ roll in my choices but after spending many nights as a teenager watching these movies on someone’s basement couch, over and over again, there aren’t many others that stick with me.

  3. LOVE the thought that went into those Oscar nods man. Especially for best picture. As for my all time favourites…

    1. Who framed Roger Rabbit – as Jessica Rabbit has to be the hottest chick there ever was.
    2. Mean Girls – very funny but also teaches us some very valuable lessons on how to treat one another.
    3. The Notebook – Ryan Gosling at his dreamiest.

  4. Hmmm…Princess Bride is great. The book, too. Danielsfunny asked this. How about: Naked Prey, Tremors,, and… Innocent Blood. Or Witness. Or My Bodyguard. .there are just too many!

  5. Tsk. One cannot tell birth year by favorite films. My adult children also love Tremors. Perhaps they even have their own adult children who love it. What generation DOESN’T love a good giant-worm-under-the-coke-machine story? After all, it’s a classic.

    More recent films I’d might re-watch annually? Pacific Rim, Wolverine, World War Z. I like fun & trashy escapism as much as the next (indeterminately-aged) gal!

    (Whooooops! Where’d that dang banana peel under my foot come from?)

  6. I have no choice but to be energetic, to keep up with Fang:
    And while I’m shamelessly plugging my own material, I was shamelessly remiss earlier in leaving off a link to Daniel’s blog, which, with your sense of humor and interest in films you may enjoy. Here is his post on the new Godzilla’s roar, which totally cracked me up:
    And just now when looking for that, I chose “Three Animal Attack Films You Should See”, on the page below and laughed all the way through:
    Hope you like ‘em!
    (How dumb am I, to be plugging anyone’s else’s posts but my own?)

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