A Little Help From My Friends…


I know I have several friends in England who read my blog and several other friends who have visited there. IF the British government and TSA have no problem with me, I’ll be visiting London in about eight weeks. Over the course of a week I’ll have about 3 days to do whatever I want. One day I plan to go to Paris. The other two I have no plans for yet.

I’m hoping that some of you with local knowledge of London would, in the comments, give me some suggestions of “must see” things in London and the easiest way for me to do Paris in a day.

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!


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  1. If you just want to see things (rather than paying entry fees to attractions) you can get round Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey in two to three hours on foot.
    Of those attractions, the Tower of London is the best to actually visit and tour inside, as you get a lot of history and you can see the Crown Jewels.
    Getting to Paris you have two options – fly or Eurostar train from St Pancras station in Central London.

  2. Phil, what dates exactly (if you don’t mind saying so online)? I’m off to Australia in two weeks but might be back when you’re here.

  3. London Eye is a must, but get there early to buy tickets.

    In Paris, buy a ‘carnet’ – a book of tickets for the metro. It’s really easy to use and will save you a massive amount of time.

  4. I’m just here to express my jealousy that you get to go over there 🙂

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