Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Colors Women Can See That Men Can’t


I could never be a good interior decorator, nor could I pick out bridesmaids dresses. As a man I’m only capable of recognizing about 4 colors. Women on the other hand recognize a whole spectrum of colors that men can’t even see. It’s like women are on hallucinogenic drugs all the time. Maybe Google glass could help me see these colors.

10. Eggshell- man word: white

9. Ecru: Isn’t this the other bird that kind of looks like an ostrich?

8. Auburn: It’s a place in Alabama and why say auburn when you can say reddish brown?

7. Sea foam: Sounds like frothy water to me

6. Teal: Very popular and well known, but it’s basically the snobby name for bluish green or greenish blue

5.  Chartreuse: That’s just too many letters for something as simple as a color.

4. Cobalt: it’s a bad Chevy car and too many letters just to say “blue”

3. Lavender: Isn’t this just a laundry detergent scent?

2. Puce: Sounds like a great word for vomit. “Oh my God! Did you see that some puced all over the bathroom? I’m not cleaning up that puce. I did it last time.”

1. Fuchsia: Might be a shade of pink or a celebrity baby name.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! If you can think of some more good female colors and jokes feel free to add them in the comments. ~Phil



5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Colors Women Can See That Men Can’t

  1. Mauve, magenta, burnt sienna and basically anything not primary

  2. I’ve often wondered whatever happened to white, blue, red, yellow,etc. It’s difficult to buy just plain white sheets anymore.

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