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That tiny picture is Patricia, otherwise known to fellow bloggers as The English Professor at Large. My best recollection of ย the meaning of the phrase “at large” is that it is used to describe someone who is on the run from the law usually due to some nefarious doings on their part. Patricia hardly seems the type, but who knows what kind of past that kind smile hides.

I’ve been a follower of Patricia’s blog for quite some time and almost every post is a surprise. If you read her About section you’ll find that she is an English professor who now offers her expertise to help others with all manner of writing. Behind and beyond that, Patricia is a fascinating font of stories from the golden age of Hollywood. Some days you’ll read of her travels, other days you may find a re-blog of a post from some goofy guy who think’s he’s funny and then out of the blue she drops a story of her life before being a Professor. Her father worked in Hollywood with all manner of stars from the time when there was no Entertainment Tonight or TMZ and the movie stars stayed on the pedestals upon which we put them. Patricia herself even lived with and worked for a famous Hollywood family.

Her stories and anecdotes show you the human side of and add color to people we’ve only seen in black and white. In addition to her beautifully told stories Patricia is a wonderful re-poster of blogs from others, introducing us to interesting folks we might not have found on our own. If you’ve got the time I highly recommend stopping byย The English Professor at Large.ย Let’s hope that Patricia stays at large and keeps her wonderful blog going.

Have a great Monday everyone! ~Phil


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  1. Agreed! That’s how I found you. Oh, happy day! The English Professor’s post on her years with Edward Albert is a must-read.

  2. English Professor At Large!! Woot woot!! Brooklyn holla!!

  3. Dear Phil….thank you for this extremely flattering and funny post. I’m almost at a loss for words. You are kind and generous. As for the “at large,” although I have gotten away with a lot of things in my life without crossing into the criminal realm, I had in mind a different concept when I tossed out that definition (although the glass of wine may have had something to do with it). My intention was twofold:” at large” as representing a whole, and not confined to a particular locality, as in “ambassador- at -large.”Perhaps, come to think of it, I’m an escaped prisoner from some of the sadder sides of my life. Again, a deep-felt thank you.

  4. Being “at large” is on my bucket list.

  5. Have just recently ‘discovered’ Patricia’s blog – it’s great! Will check out yours now, Phil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Reblogged this on The English Professor at Large and commented:
    Phil Taylor generously and kindly posted this on his blog The Phil Factor. He is, for those who do not know, the author of “The Sneaker Tree” and “White Picket Prisons,” both of which I highly recommend. Thank you, again, Phil.

  7. We love Patricia! xo LMA

  8. Patricia is indeed wonderful and this is a GREAT post about her and her blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Glad to make two new discoveries! I look forward to reading both! Be well. ~Karen~

  10. Patricia rocks doesn’t she? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love Patricia’s blog. Nice to see her featured here.

  12. Thank you! She’s a great woman whose posts I always so enjoy! Thank you for a little background ..

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