Wordless Wednesday: Lake Ontario Sunset


10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Lake Ontario Sunset

  1. Wonderful photo of my province! Thanks for sharing this! Cher xo


    • I mean, “Wonderful photo of Lake Ontario; Ontario is my province! *LOL* (Need more coffee……….)


      • I live in western NY and have a cottage on Lake Ontario


      • What a lovely area! I grew up one hour west of Toronto (before moving to Winnipeg and now Chicago). It must be wonderful to have your cottage on Lake Ontario!


      • I’m very lucky. There’s nothing better than watching the amazing sunsets there every weekend. I’ll try not to overdo it with the sunset pictures.


      • We live across the street from Lake Michigan; we get the sunrises but it’s not the same as being at a cottage like yours! Yes, please try not to overdo it!!!! *grin*


      • What’s unique about Lake Ontario is that I get both the sunrises and sunsets. Keep posting Chicago pics. I love the Windy City. I was just there last August.


      • That’s fantastic; clearly you have a little piece of paradise at your cottage. I shall most certainly keep posting CHItown pics! It’s an incredible city, isn’t it? I find its diversity and energy unlike any other city! And of course, Evanston (Princess Bride!) is a mere “as you wish” away! 🙂


  2. How gorgeous! You do, indeed, live in an enchanted place.


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