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Wordless Wednesday! Starry Squirrel


The top of this thing’s tail is about 5 feet tall. (that’s 1.8 metres for the rest of the world)

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday! Bridge to Nowhere 

The Talking Heads sang about the Road to Nowhere. Here’s The Bridge To Nowhere. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday: Rising

The picture is a gorgeous sculpture titled “Rising” by the artist Zhang Huan. It stands in front of the Momofuku restaurant in Toronto. Up close it really is impressive. It stands about 15 feet, (5 metres) high.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday!

See how the level of the wine lines up with the horizon? Look at me getting all artsy and sh#t! Follow me on Instagram @thephilfactor for more of the same. Have a great Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday! Sunset

A very cool shot of me that a friend caught last summer.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Few Words Wednesday: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

This picture was taken of me last weekend as I was putting a pergola together. See that cloud to the left of me? That photographer didn’t see that when she took the picture. The picture was a “Live” picture on an iPhone7 that has about 1-2 seconds of movement. In the live version that cloud moved from one side of the picture to the other. If you zoom in to the top of the cloud you can see what, to me, looks like a face. So what do you think? Was a ghost keeping an eye on me?

Have a ghostly great Wednesday! ~ Phil

Wordless Wednesday: Wine Reflection

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil