The Results of Last Week’s Poll and a New Question

In last week’s poll I asked you guys to help determine if I would continue to publish my books under my own name or under a pen name, whether that be Phil Factor or another. Here are the results:

Nine voted against me assuming a pen name.

Eight said Why not go with Phil Factor?

Only two said a definite Yes that I should change my writing name.

The suggestions for a name change included: using my initials ie, P.F. Taylor, Philomena Blacksmith, Trey Ellis, Edison Pickles, and Lucifer Cobalt,

So looking at the results it kind of looks like a total of 10 people actually suggest a name change to Phil Factor or something else. This week I’m going to narrow the question:

If you have suggestions please put them in the comments. Have a great Friday! ~ Phil




4 responses to “The Results of Last Week’s Poll and a New Question

  1. I think I need one of those pins that say. ‘I voted’. Awesome to know my opinion actually counts! Thanks Phil! Keep us posted.

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