‘Time to Lie’ Preview

Picture credit: shop.horrorfanz.com

Picture credit: shop.horrorfanz.com

 Here I sit, covered in my own blood.  I just killed myself. Hopefully I won’t have to come back and try again. Who the hell knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

     I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, but I think it’s finished. Or at least I’m as sure as I can be right now. I’m writing my story down. I doubt it will exonerate me, but I’m hoping that someone will believe me and understand the truth. Who am I kidding? The truth is just the lie we’ve chosen to believe, and yours may be different than mine.

That’s the intro to the novel I’m working on now. That’s got blockbuster written all over it doesn’t it?  What do you think?  That picture above won’t be the cover. If you follow my Facebook page, which you can click on up in the right sidebar, I sometimes offer readers a chance to name a character and win a free copy or have other ways of having some input into the book.

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28 responses to “‘Time to Lie’ Preview

  1. Looking good so far. Intro is great as it pulls the reader in – I definitely want to find out the answers to the questions posed in those initial paragraphs…

  2. Oh wow! I want to read more. That sounds really good. The tone is sad, but I want to keep reading.

  3. This is great! Makes me want to read more. The tone is sad, but I am intrigued.

  4. Sounds intriguing!

  5. I want to know more!

  6. Sounds interesting, but is the story going to be narrated by a dead man? This concept is hard to swallow unless it’s done carefully. I always think of Sunset Boulevard. This story is one of my favourites but I wish they fixed the weirdness of the narrator… but I’m sure you’ve worked it out where the protagonist has killed himself with a slow acting substance? Something that gives him time to write? Regardless, I’m definitely curious 😆

  7. on my to read list ツ

  8. I was just checking my site on google and saw this, Thank you for the credit on the clock image and also causing me to find your article on your book!

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