Give Until it Hurts, Somebody: Weird Charities

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This past week I went to a big company meeting for my job. My company donates generously to Save the Children and gives us the opportunity to help through payroll deductions and raffles at our meetings. I heard though that one particular colleague was opposed, not to Save the Children, but to the hotel that we stayed in because it had an affiliation that she was opposed to.

That got me to thinking that with so many large corporations in the world that have all kinds of affiliations, we as individuals must constantly be supporting charities and causes we’re opposed to by paying for products or services from these corporations. Here are some of the more unusual and legitimate charities I found. One is fake but the others are all real. In the comments put your guess as to which is fake. I’ll respond later in the day with the answer.

Stop Bieber: I wish this was a national charity so that I could contribute. Apparently the Evanston Township High School in Illinois needed to raise money to renovate a cafe and art center in their school. They played the Bieber song “Baby” over the school loudspeakers whenever students were not in classes with the caveat that it would stop when they had raised the money they needed. It only took three days to raise the money. I’m surprised it took that long. Under the Geneva Convention I think that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

Welfare Group Disabled and Sexuality: This Swedish charity hires prostitutes for the disabled. Also, much of their funding comes from a grant from the Swedish government!

The Critter Connection: They rescue and rehabilitate abandoned or neglected guinea pigs. A donor can adopt or foster an abandoned guinea pig. At the risk of sounding insensitive towards the plight of neglected rodents, ummm..they only live 4-8 years on average.


Tall Clubs International: It’s a non-profit organization created to “benefit the interest of tall people.” What are tall people interested in? They also give out scholarships for tall people to go to college. To qualify, women must be at least 5’10” and men 6’2″.

Clowning Around: This thirty year old organization accepts donations and grants scholarships to underprivileged children in the U.S. who want to go to Clown College. (Yes, Clown College is a real thing). If only I had known about this years ago my whole career could have been different, but alas I’m only a clown here on the internet.

Ok, in the comments give your guess as to which one is fake and I’ll reply later today with the real answer.  And no cheating with Google. As always, if you enjoy #ThePhilFactor and want to contribute to me, share by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog button below. Have a great weekend! ~Phil

16 responses to “Give Until it Hurts, Somebody: Weird Charities

  1. The critter connection! Although if false maybe I should start that charity my guinae pig would appreciate my kindness

    • Thanks for going to the trouble to log in to comment. Happily for you the guinea pig rescue charity is real but my dream, the Clown College scholarships, is fake.

  2. It has to be Tall Club. I know number two exists, I saw a tv documentary once. Number 1 sounds like a great idea, clowns are credible and guinea pigs probably except in South America. Yep a tall people charity is crazy!

  3. Well, I KNOW number one is true.
    I totally believe number two.
    Number three makes sense, too.
    I can wrap my head around tall clubs.
    Clowning around actually seems the most legitimate because there is a clown college, so I’m gonna say this one is fake.

  4. Without any prior knowledge whatsoever, I’m going Tall Club.

  5. I chose Tall Club???

  6. I have to go with the guinea pigs.

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