Wordless Wednesday: My Own Grumpy Cat


This is my cat Brady. He did not appreciate the hat. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: My Own Grumpy Cat

  1. Aww he is sooooo cute <3

  2. I love that you dress your cat up on a Wednesday. …could we also have Brady celebrate Hanukkah? You know, to keep him well-rounded. Religious freedom and all…

  3. I reckon you were lucky to get out of there alive !! :/ 😀

  4. Well this one was easy…cat in the hat….
    That cat, that cat, that cat in the hat
    I don’t think he really likes that hat….

    Santa Claws

  5. Cats disdain hats. Remember, dogs have owners; cats have staff.

  6. Poor Brady … I don’t blame him for feeling indignant! No respect.

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