Music Monday! Josie’s on a Vacation Far Away…

Remember this one? Best opening to a song ever. How do you not sing along at the top of your lungs in the car? It’s an oldie, but there’s only two other songs I can think of that come close to having as good of an attention getting start.

So what’s your favorite opening to a song? Have a great Monday! ~Phil

9 responses to “Music Monday! Josie’s on a Vacation Far Away…

  1. Yes! In fact I think the second half of the song gets a bit dodgy. I mostly like the beginning. I would put as a second song on that list ‘Oh Sherrie’ by Journey. The first three lines could be a haiku, the music makes you turn it up and sing along, but the end kind of drags on.

  2. Wicked Game by Chris Isaak…..the opening says oooooh!!

  3. For me, Journey’s Lights. I always stop to sing it. It reminds me of home and of going to baseball games as a kid. They always play this song before turning out the stadium lights for a fireworks show.

  4. This would be my favourite intro, can you guess why?

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