Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Dogs are Better Than Cats

10. Dogs always warn you when there’s a house fire.

9. According to Cruella Deville, they make excellent coats.

8. Dogs are too stupid to lie.

8. The Grinch had a dog. (Who knows his name?)


7. Dogs often solve mysteries (see Doo, Scooby)

6. Dogs are capable of making noises you can hear more than three feet away.

5. When Timmy falls down a well dogs will always tell you.  Remember Baby Jessica? Yup, dog told them where she was.  (I hope she reads this. Hi Jessica!)


4. Brian Griffin (R.I.P.) fom Family Guy, funniest cartoon character ever, is a dog.


3. Dogs always act like whatever you’re saying is really interesting. Cats won’t even feign a little interest.

2. Dogs will always clean up food you drop on the floor. In fact, my dog is officially my housekeeper.


1. If my dog hadn’t followed me up to my writing room, like she does every night, I would still be trying to figure out my Top Ten list for today.

If you have any more reasons why dogs are better than cats feel free to share in the comments. Cat people, you get your day next week. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

36 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Dogs are Better Than Cats

  1. OK, until next week, then! Cats are definitely character building experiences.

  2. Glad to see Brian on the list 🙂

  3. I am looking forward to ‘Cat Week’. I do like dogs but I always remember what that Australian lady said, ‘A dingo ate my baby!’ A dingo is a dog right? Just sayin….

  4. I’ve find cats way too aloof and independant for my taste. Kinda like teenagers. They live in your house for free, eat your food, and then ignore you and never do what you tell them to 🙁

  5. Cats train themselves
    Got to love that
    The Grinch’s dog?
    His name was Max
    While Brian may
    Have mass appeal
    Let’s not forget
    about Garfield
    But what’s that Phil?
    Too soon I speak
    Okay I’ll just
    Wait for next week.

  6. The Grinch’s dog was Max 🙂 Yes, I watch it every year!!! Don’t forget that dogs never know what time it matter how long you’re gone, they greet you like it’s been an eternity.

  7. I totally agree! Don’t tell the Cat lady I said that though 😮

  8. As a lover and co-habitat of both I say you hit the nail on the head. I won’t go into the fact that my male cat Frankie can be heard for blocks when he wants milk. (damn I just did)

  9. For number 8 read dogs are too clever to lie!

  10. Dogs go walks…mind you my cat did used to enjoy being on a lead. Roll on next week lol

  11. A dog will mourn you when you’re laying there, dead. A cat will eat your face off and go looking for its new owner. Faw!

  12. Watchdog.
    That’s my dog’s biggest perk. She’s a fantastic watchdog. But I still wouldn’t go so far as to say that dogs are better than cats 🙂

  13. Cats don’t knock you down at the door with unbounded, exuberant JOY that you’ve just come in after fifteen minutes in the yard. Aloofness is not a quality I admire in a pet.

  14. Dogs don’t see imaginary things in the house, when you are alone, and it is raining outside. They don’t follow these things around the house, freaking the shit out of you. Yeah, dogs are good!

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