Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Cats are Better Than Dogs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those that are Irish and those that are Irish just for today! Last week I gave dogs and the dog people their due in the worlds oldest debate.  This week it’s the cats turn. Don’t worry, I have no plans to continue comparing animals.


10. Cattitude: You’ve got to respect their aloofness. They’re not all needy like dogs. If you’re gone 5 minutes, a dog acts like you’ve returned from the Bataan Death March while your cat just checks his watch and goes back to sleep.

9. Pooping indoors: When it’s cold and snowy and my dog has got to go at 6 a.m. I have to take her out. My cat on the other hand is even more stealthy about his bowel movements than I am. Cats are the ultimate Poop at Home People.  Some cats can even poop on a toilet.

8.  Cats are never sick: My cat has been to the vet two times in three years. My dog? Dogs get ear infections as often as an 8 year old at summer camp.

7. Toonces: I don’t recall any Saturday Night Live skits about dogs, do you?


6. Cats are natural ghost hunters: If there’s a ghost in your house cats will always spot them and either run away or follow the invisible-to-you spectre.  Dogs don’t have that kind of attention span, leaving you completely vulnerable to ghost attacks. (Thank you to Rene of Mind Chatter for that one)

5. Cats poop in a box: With dogs it could be anywhere in your yard and you have to find it like you’re in a disgusting Easter egg hunt.

4. Has anyone ever made a Broadway play called Dogs?

3. Cats will run around the house at full speed at 3 a.m. just to make sure you’re not sleeping too soundly.

2. Cats will ignore you until you’re ready to go to work or out to dinner; then they’ll rub against to you ensure that your clothes look like you rolled around in a fur factory. That’s how they say I love you.


1. Cats are realists: If your plane goes down in the Andes mountains, your dog will either run down the mountain trying to find help, only to ultimately die of frostbite, or it will cuddle with you to leech away your body warmth so it could survive. A cat in that situation would start eating you before you were even dead.

That funny cat in the last picture looking like he’s surrendering to the authorities is my cat Brady. I’ve got a cat and dog, so I love both for different reasons and their interactions are always fun to watch. If you can think or any other funny reasons cats or dogs are better than the other feel free to add in the comments. Have a great St. Paddy’s Day! ~ Phil

58 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Cats are Better Than Dogs

  1. A cat always knows the warmest spot in the house. Take their lead and you’ll never be cold.

  2. There is nothing better to guarantee me a laugh than watching cat videos 🙂

    I wish #8 was true. My cat Theo cost me a bundle last year in vet bills.

  3. Cats are so much easier to leave at home for an overnight stay than dogs are. They don’t need a babysitter 24/7! 😉 ~Elle

  4. Love this..and always remember dogs have masters, cats have staff

    Best to You, Phil


  5. I used to prefer cats over dogs, having had both as a child, but since getting a dog six years ago, I’m over cats!!

  6. I’ve been waiting for this since your other (unfortunate) post last week. I’m glad you saved the best for last!

  7. Numbers 9 and 10, Phil. You kill me.

  8. Have to admit, Phil, you managed to put together a pretty strong “pros” list for those evil stair-trippers. The SNL point was worthy. Your strongest argument, though, was the picture of your own cat, which, I am forced to admit, is so cutesy-wutesy cuddly that you just want to reach out and snuzzle him.

    Luckily, I well recognize THAT cat ploy. You won’t find any “Gotch!” claw marks on THIS Babe!

    Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

  9. Cats are great helpers. They know when it’s time to sit down at your computer to work. They love walking across (or sitting on) the keyboard to help you finish faster. Cats are nice like that.

  10. Low maintenance and aloof
    For me that serves as enough proof
    But cats ultimately win for sure
    Cause they’ll never poop on your floor.

  11. Yeah! Really funny. I liked it al lot. Everything you said was correct-a-mundo! 😉

  12. Haha. Love them

  13. I am a cat person, but I hold #4 as a point in favor of Dogs. Ugh.

  14. Haha all soooo true!

  15. Well played on the cat side.

  16. You have two involving poop

  17. Cats like to be clean. Dogs seem to like that they stink.

  18. For the record, cats do throw up. This is my third keyboard in the past 18 months. All other details are best left to the imagination.

  19. Cats can read your mind and steal a little bit of your soul simultaneously which is handy for, umm, alien invasion or something. I hate the way my daughter’s cat sneaks into my room, silently slips to the side of my bed and freaks the bejaysus out of me with its big staring eyes, perusing and sucking all my brain cells and plotting the sale of my soul. Yeah, I’m more of a dog person. My dog doesn’t do that. Cat took all his already. Poor bugger hasn’t had an earthly since cat came to live. They do enjoy chasing each other up and down the stairs right enough which is nice. For them. Not so much for my already addled brain.

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  22. I always love the Churchill quote “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” Having said that I love cats and dogs equally (and probably pigs too), but I’ve only ever owned cats. No.6 on your list forever freaks me out.

  23. Sorry. Dog person here. You did have some pretty funny points here though.

    • I did make a list of why dogs are better than cats, but for some reason it did not get as many comments as the cat list.

      • Aah, one of the great mysteries of marketing, trying to predict what will capture the public’s fancy.

        I suspect, though, that with your dog post it is more along the lines that there wasn’t nearly as much of your trademark sarcastic commentary on the indivudual listicule items. In fact, the first six points were just a single stark sentence with little to draw the reader in. Funny, yes, but not much substance to inspire deeper thought or propel a reader to voice their own opinions.

        Just how it struck me, anyway. I still enjoyed reading through the list.

        Oh, and by the way, the Grinch’s dog was named Max. I did have to do some sleuthing on that one though. Thank God for Google! 🙂

      • I always loved the Grunch’s dog, Max. Isn’t through the app and when he ran out and jumped to the front of the slave waiting for a ride still makes me laugh.

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