Wordless Wednesday: London


That London scene is the only painting in the world exactly like it, and it was painted for me. It was a Christmas gift from Mrs. Phil. I went to London last year and enjoyed my trip immensely. The painting was done by talented local artist Kerrianne Buduson. You can find more about her art at at her Facebook page.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: London

  1. It’s a charming slice of London.

  2. I enjoyed myself in London except for walking off the curb looking in the wrong direction. One cabbie slammed on his brakes short of running me over and screamed at me, “F—ing Yank.” I said back,”guilty.” We both laughed.

  3. Wow it’s beautiful! <3 I'm sure it's a meaningful gift to you. Keep it safe! 😉

  4. That is so nice, that your wife got you a painting! And that you like it! Extra special that it reminds you of a wonderful time every time you look at it.

    I would love to be in a relationship where someone knows what I like, and buys it for me.
    –Owner of a thankfully now-virtual collection of:

    dancing plaster elephant
    “sexy” stuffed pickle, with cape and stringy legs and arms
    rose made out of wood chips, heavily perfumed with “rose-ish” scent
    Sears-Roebuck men’s Big and Tall jeans

    Need I go on?

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