Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Awesomest Reality Shows

Until someone decides to make a reality show about a certain blogger, these are some of the more interesting reality shows out there.

DIY network &

DIY network &

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish: Two of my favorite things, Vanilla Ice and the Amish! This show has ‘ten year run’ written all over it.

My Strange Addiction: Because it shows people addicted to all manner of weird behavior it may seem like taking advantage of the mentally ill, but a lot of it is professionals trying to help these people. I once saw an episode where a woman was addicted to eating cement.

Sunset Daze: It’s a geriatric Jersey Shore. I want to retire to this community!

Mr. Personality: This is no longer on the air. It was hosted by Monica Lewinsky (I love anything with kitschy b-list celebs) and it was the typical dating/choose the love of your life type show except for one difference; then men all wore really goofy masks so the woman really had to choose based on personality.

Heroes of Cosplay: A show about the people that spend way too much time creating elaborate costumes to wear to comic book conventions. FYI, “cosplay” is short for costume play.

My Big Fat Revenge: I’ve never seen it, but this one sounds really awesome. They take someone who is overweight and was picked on or bullied by someone in their life. Then they get them in shape and give them a chance to kick the bullies ass. How great is that?

Naked and Afraid: Pretty much a description of my sex life. I love this show even though, oddly, I’ve only seen it with the sound off. I watch it when I’m on a machine at the gym. Two strangers are dropped in a jungle naked with only a few items in a bag and they have to survive for three weeks. Trust me, they may be naked, but after a couple days in the jungle it’s not a sexy kind of naked. & Discovery channel & Discovery channel

Sperm Race: In 2005, German TV ran a show where men “donated” sperm, and then watched as their little swimmers raced each other to an egg. Doctors on hand confirmed the winner, and that guy, the guy with the fastest sperm, won a car. If this was on in the U.S. guys would be lining up around the block to get on the show.

H8R: People were interviewed as to why why they hate particular C-list celebrities and then were confronted by said celebrity. The rest of the episode shows the person spending time with the celebrity to try to change their minds. I think the show has already been cancelled. It’s too bad because I’m sure some of my rants here would qualify me for a date with Justin Bieber.


Wrestling with Death: A family that runs a funeral home also does semi-professional wrestling in their spare time. I wonder if they practice their sleeper hold on the cadavers?

I was going to put in a fake one and see if anyone could guess which was the fake show, but I couldn’t think of anything as ridiculous as any of the real ones. Trust me, be thankful I didn’t include some of the shows from the non-English speaking countries. They get seriously weird. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

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  1. Naked and Afraid could easily use the same people every week. It’s the same issues every week, and after a few days, those folks really do look exactly the same in a very pathetic way.

  2. Well Phil, the only one I’ve seen is Naked and Afraid. Does that tell you anything? LOL! Really, I’m not much on these reality shows, but that one caught my and my husbands eye one Sunday afternoon. I think we only watched because we were in shock! What WILL they come up with next? I am sure when they get around to making that reality show with you as the star it will have much more class! ~Elle

    • You asked what they’ll come up with next? There is a show called Dating Naked where they have to go on first dates completely naked. Your assumption that a reality show with me would have more class might be giving me too much credit.

  3. I didn’t know about half these shows. Not sure I am thankful to now or not.

    The Mr. Personality pic looks like the beginning of a new Styx ala Dennis DeYoung concept album.

  4. You have let a bit of the world into my paradise and now like an invasive song I can’t get the images out of my head. Thanks (I think)

    • I never said that reality television was good television, although I did use the word awesomest, which is about as much of a train wreck of a word as the reality shows are representative of television. Fortunately, I don’t really watch much.

  5. I don’t watch reality TV. I have never heard of any of these.

  6. Had not heard of any of these either. Ugh, civilization is not in decline, I think it has already hit rock bottom 🙁

  7. Oh these dumb reality shows
    Who comes up with these? Who knows?
    I’ll save reality TV
    When they do one that’s about me

  8. Honestly?

  9. I thought these were all fake, Phil. I’ve never heard of any of them. Bring back Leave it to Beaver!

    • Well good for you for never having heard of them. You must have a life. Honestly, I only had heard of a few. The rest I learned about doing “research” for this post.

  10. I love reality shows! Unfortunately, in Australia, we only get them after they go completely mainstream. Though, the addiction show is thoroughly entertaining.

  11. This is hilarious! Vanilla Ice Goes Amish may tempt me into getting a TV! Thanks for the update, Phil.

  12. This one would have left me speechless were I not an Aspie.

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