Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Best Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

Keep in mind that this is a very subjective list. I know there are a lot of great, young comedians out there now, but they need to do a little more to make an all time list. If you’ve got other favorites I’d love it if you’d share them in the comments. If anyone mentions Dane Cook you’re banned from The Phil Factor.

10. Bobby Collins: He may not be an all-timer as far as the entirety of his career, but once I was watching his stand-up special and I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t breath. I’ve never laughed that hard at anything in my life. “I coughed up a french fry, and I hadn’t eaten french fries in weeks.”

9. Phil Taylor: Of course I had to put myself on the list.  Notice my modesty in not putting myself #1. Before the internet I used to tell my jokes in front of live audiences. Not big ones, but people laughed. I swear. Sadly, my last time was in 2001 before cell phone cameras and YouTube. This is a caricature of me.


8. The Amazing Jonathan: When you think prop comic you naturally think of Penn and Teller right?  Find a video of The Amazing Jonathan.

7. Eddie Murphy: His live show Raw is one of the best HBO comedy specials ever. As a young teen I had the misfortune of watching the expletive, sexual joke laden special for the first time with my mother. Awkward. Too bad Eddie grew into someone who thought he was too good to do a skit on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show.

6. Kevin Hart: Funniest human for his height ever.

5. Louis C.K.: Some people only know him as the cop Leslie dated on Parks and Rec.

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4. Jim Gaffigan: Considering that he and his wife live in a small NYC apartment with five kids I’m surprised that his comedy isn’t angrier. Nobody loves bacon as much as Jim.

3. Brian Regan: Look him up and watch some of his stuff. His ability to contort his face as if it’s made of Playdoh is the cherry on top of the sundae of his brilliant material. “If you were to second guess your decision to book time to visit a Native American community, that would be a reservation reservation reservation.”

2. Steve Martin: It’s possible some of you reading this are young enough that you’ve never seen Steve Martin do stand-up comedy. Like most comedic actors, that’s where he got his start. When I was young I had his first two comedy albums on cassette tape.

1. Robin Williams: His spontaneity and improvisation are unequaled in the history of mankind.


So who are your favorites? Are there any great ones I should know about from other countries?  Have a great Tuesday!~ Phil

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  1. I love Eddie Murphy’s ‘Raw’ show, Billy Connolly and Lee Evans… If you’re ever feeling low, watch Lee Evans ‘Live in Scotland.’ Definitely worth your time…

    • Raw was great, unfortunately for me, the first time I saw it was with my mother when I was a teen. So many inappropriate jokes. That was awkward. I forgot about Billy Connolly! I liked him many years ago. I’ll have to look up Lee Evans.

  2. Brian Regan is my fav! I went to see him perform and my stomach hurt for two days from laughing so hard!!

    • I’ve loved Brian Regan, in a comedy way, for twenty years. I saw him last year in Buffalo and he’s still as good as the first time I saw him.

  3. Brad Lowery. We actually plan some of our vacations so we can see him perform!! Funny dude. And of course Robin Williams should be #1. There was never and never will be, a talent like him again

  4. I agree with Eddie Murphy’s, “Raw”, but my all-time favorite of Eddie’s is, “Delirious”; that is the best one to me! Cher xo

  5. I’ll go with your list since it’s clear
    You seem to be the expert here
    But if you ask me for mine
    I’d have to go with number 9.

  6. My favorite is Eddie Izzard, especially his “Dress to Kill” routine.

  7. Bob Newhart (hey, nostalgia!) , Richard Pryor, Patrice O’Neal, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connoly, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Hicks, Brian Regan, Louis CK and Kevin Hart

  8. Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Bill HIcks, Bill Hicks, Bill Hicks. His routine on marketing is priceless.

  9. I like your list, but will add that back when I saw Penn and Teller with their third member, and the three were then known as The Asparagus Valley Cultural Society (yes, really), I experienced the funniest show I ever imagined or can imagine. My face remained wet with tears throughout, and my stomach still hurt the next day from laughing so hard.

  10. Try Kevin Bridges, a young Sottish comedian. Quite a few vids on Youtube. I buckle when he’s on a roll. His accent might compromise full appreciation right enough!

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