Wordless Wednesday: Another Awesome Mural

Photo by Helio Sun Photography

Photo by Helio Sun Photography

This one is four stories high and I think it’s pretty awesome. Up close it’s impressive and I did take a picture, but my camera phone doesn’t do it justice. It was done by artist Addison Karl last August.  It reminds me of that old Maxell commercial with this guy:

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Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Another Awesome Mural

  1. I agree that it’s pretty awesome! I hope you have a great Wednesday, too.

  2. It can be so hard to capture the scale of these things, can’t it? Did you see the post I did on Richmond’s street art? Not sure if you popped over for that one or not. But I remember standing on the street with my phone thinking….this does not translate as well as I hoped. I think you did a good job on this one, Phil, and it does remind me of that ad.

  3. It’s brilliant!

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