Wordless Wednesday! Street Art


I don’t know the story behind this one. I just turned a corner and there it was on the side of a building with a fox. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Street Art

  1. Wonder where the tortoise went? 🙂

  2. I love bunnies and I can only hope that mural above a market isn’t an indication of “rabbits for stew”!

  3. And here is another of those murals you spoke of……awesome. Not the cuddliest of bunnies, however, – kind of a cross between Watership Down and Monty Python somehow…….yikes. Still, much better than just plain bricks….it does make us wonder!

  4. He finally escaped from the magician’s hat/

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  6. Who hypnotized the bunny? Or is it pretending to be a statue so the fox doesn’t notice it?

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