TBT! Two Phils are Better than One! Or Are They?

(06/28/2014) Doppelganger: German for “double walker”, a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person. Some believe that only someone who knows the original person can also see the Doppelganger. Still others subscribe to the “evil twin” theory that doppelgangers behave in a manner directly opposite to the original person.


That picture is allegedly of a Civil War soldier who looks like Nicholas Cage. Yikes, the possibility of two Nicholas Cages making movies is frightening!

As of this writing, the world population is roughly 7,243,171,955. Is it possible that somewhere out there is another carbon copy of each of us? Are they living a parallel life somewhere else? Or, if each of us has both male and female genes, could we have a doppelganger of the opposite sex? Do we ever meet or see our own doppelganger? If we did and they were the opposite sex, would we be attracted to them? Would they be our “soul mate”? Or would it be more of a brother/sister feeling?

If the “evil twin” theory holds true, what do we do, knowing that the more good we do in life, the more evil our doppelganger will perpetrate? If we save a life, our doppelganger would take a life. If you met your evil twin, what would you do if you knew they were evil? If your evil twin is bent on destroying you, could you kill your own doppelganger? Would doing so destroy you both? Do we need a doppelganger? A balance? A cosmic yin and yang that makes the world go round?

How do we know that we are actually not the doppelganger? The shadow self for someone else? Could you be the evil twin and not know it? I wonder if my doppelganger is out there writing a blog too? What if he’s writing a blog about his embarrassing doppelganger that he hates? I doubt it. I imagine that me and my doppelganger would each think the other is awesome and we’d hang out. Talk about the ultimate wingman! This whole thing gives me a serious novel idea. I got dibs, so don’t even think about it. And if I did have a female doppelganger, you know she would be really hot. What would you do if you met your doppelganger? Do you think you’d like them?

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16 responses to “TBT! Two Phils are Better than One! Or Are They?

  1. Now you’ve just bent my brain out of shape! I can hardly cope with myself without worrying what a possible other half might be getting up to. What if I were really jealous of the life they were leading? Or felt they’d had a fairer crack of the whip? What if they’d already pinched any good ideas I had or, worse still, I’ve only got glimpses of them and they have the full picture? What if they’re sunning themselves in the Bahamas, having written a best-selling novel that took the literary world by storm and I’m making up poems on a blog and cursing my lack of discipline and dedication?
    Feck it, Phil, why? Why you do this to me? I think I might be the evil twin with thoughts like these!
    I don’t believe in them ‘cos they don’t believe in me. I’m good with that. Must go check the mirror though in case I’ve grown horns. Or my dopple’s staring back at me. Do.do.do.do…do.do.do.do…
    I can’t remember what that’s from but I know it’s creepy music. 😀

  2. Think it might be ‘Jaws’! Feck sake! I’m on holiday, don’t make me think! 😛

  3. Hmmm, another me. How interesting. Although I do believe she exists. My mom and son went on cruise in ’97. In one of the pictures, there’s a woman taking pictures…..you could swear it was me….I wasn’t with them..or was I?

  4. My “other” is probably enjoying the life I envisioned for myself at one time, and I am not amused.

  5. So would your doppelganger be called Philippa?

  6. This has always been a interesting subject. I look forward to that novel you have dibs on! ~Elle

  7. I never considered I might be the doppleganger! That is quite an unsettling thought. Now I have something else to worry about – am I the doppleganger of me or am I me?

  8. You can’t call dibs. I am your doppelganger, and I called first.

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