Wordless Wednesday: Aurora Borealis Over Greenland


From the end of September to the middle of April, an incredible six to seven months, is aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, season in Greenland. That picture isn’t a fake. I’ve never been to #Greenland but I have been fortunate to see aurora borealis three times in my life and one was a really big one. The only other natural phenomena as incredible is a great sunset. And yes, I am still shamelessly trying to lure someone from Greenland to my blog. BTW, come back Friday. I have a GREAT guest interview. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Aurora Borealis Over Greenland

  1. What a coincidence, I just flew over Greenland three days ago. I guess it wasn’t the right season for aurora borealis but it was still impressive… Greetings from Maryland and a great Wednesday to you.

  2. Greenland AND Northern Lights! Great combination 🙂

  3. Nature paints the most incredible pictures.

  4. I was too young when we lived in Alaska to appreciate The Northern Lights but I’ve heard my mother talk about it. Great picture! ~Elle

  5. I guess I never thought about where else you can see them. I would love to one day, too gorgeous.

    Greenland has a green sky, ha ha 😀

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  7. Wowsa! Those colors. I saw them once when I was in MN, but the colors were not that intense.

  8. My sister lives in Upstate New York, and she was so excited to saw the Northern Lights earlier this year. Alas, it was overcast. 🙁

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