Wordless Wednesday! Can You Guess What This Is?

If you can guess what this is, you’ll win 500 Phil Factor dollars that can be used on any purchase in #ThePhilFactor gift shop.


I apologize that I haven’t been able to visit blogs much this week. I’m traveling for work. Happy Wednesday! ~Phil


20 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Can You Guess What This Is?

  1. It’s a fingerprint reader 🙂

  2. Drat! I was going to guess a paper shredder!

  3. I looked at the logo and googled the company. Then found out what it was. That was a fun challenge.

  4. Good grief! Where do you work that there is fingerprint security at every entrance?!

  5. I thought it was one of those new fangled potties LOL The next great invention

  6. Well that just blows all my reflection
    A giveaway at the top of the comment section
    Will be enough to disappoint and spoil it
    I thought it was some kind of a new fangled toilet!

  7. I saw IdentiKit, but didn’t know which body part. The curved cutaway threw me. Why is it there?

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