Music Monday! Begging for Thread

I came across this song by the American singer BANKS about four months ago. She’s only been in the public eye and on the airwaves for about eighteen months. Her name is actually Jillian Banks but she goes by BANKS. She got her music out there by posting to Soundcloud and shortly thereafter began getting radio play in England. Here in the States we were a little late to catch on, but this single, Begging for Thread is now a staple on alternative radio. I love the mood of this song.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

3 responses to “Music Monday! Begging for Thread

  1. Never heard of her or the song, but then it’s not really my cuppa tea so maybe I don’t listen to the radio stations that would play it. 😀

  2. She’s new to me too but cool!

  3. I actually had forgotten about Banks…but hearing this now I remember. I first heard her singing the song “Warm Water.”

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