Music Monday! Anxiety by Nothing Personal

A catchy heavy alternative rock song that starts slowly and will having you singing along by the end. Yes, it’s my son’s band, Nothing Personal, and they recently released their new full-length album, Unforgettable. So sue me for being a proud dad. This is the last Music Monday I’ll do on them for awhile.

The album is available for download at all the online music retailers. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

12 responses to “Music Monday! Anxiety by Nothing Personal

  1. Shades of “Filter”. I hope they go on tour! And stop in my town!

  2. It’s ok to be a proud parent Phil! I totally understand. ~Elle

  3. Hope your son’s band gets famous
    Gets rich and lives large
    And as a proud papa
    You’re guilty as charged.

    • Don’t think I haven’t forgotten that your son plays bass. If they ever need a new one I know who I’ll recommend

      • Bass and guitar!! I’m sure he’d love to play in a band with your son. Anytime, just let us know and we’ll drive over for the rehearsals.
        BTW, I’m going to be in NYC Jun 7-14. Do you want to try to meet? I can’t remember how far you are from the city.

      • I’m about 5 1/2 hours from NYC. It would be pretty cool to meet. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing at that time. Because of my wife’s current medical issues I have to wait to an things.

      • Oh yeah, that’s pretty far out there plus I know you have a lot going on. We can touch base again as the date comes closer.

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