What’s Your Pick for Worst Movie? The Friday Poll

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This Sunday is The Academy Awards. Picking best picture is boring because the award never goes to movies that normal people would see. So let’s vote for the worst movie of 2015 because those are the movies more likely to be watched by uneducated heathens like us. The nominees for Worst Picture of 2015 come from Rolling Stone’s list of the ten worst pictures.

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

9 responses to “What’s Your Pick for Worst Movie? The Friday Poll

  1. Haha, I liked Get Hard. I’m not saying it’s Oscar-worthy by any means, but I did look up at the tv and lol a lot 🙂 I tend to lol at Will Ferrell’s stupid humor stuff.
    I love Jeremy Piven, but Entourage…I just…I dunno…What? 😛

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    • I didn’t see Get Hard but anything with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart has got to be good. I don’t watch Entourage but for the most part a lot of people said the movie was just an extended episode of the show.

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  2. I’ve not seen any of these movies. I picked Vacation because: 1) I could use one; 2) I like Christina Applegate; and 3) I prefer short titles for movies. I believe you will agree my logic is infallible.

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  3. I thought Get Hard was a big botch
    and the only one I actually watched.

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  4. Excellent Phil. Ted 2 easy. How I was corralled into going I still don’t know. Early bid for 2016 is Triple 9 which I tried to suffer my way through on Tuesday. Awful.

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