Music Monday! The Struts

A few weeks ago I first heard The Struts single Kiss This and immediately loved it. To me it sounded like a super catchy throwback to 80’s pop-rock. Then today when I started to do what passes for research for my blog posts, I found this quote on Wikipedia: “The Struts have been described as “unabashedly over the top retro-fetishist classic rock”, “glamourous and dangerous”, and as “having a chance to spark a real rock revival with their hooky glam sound, which manages to pay tribute to the classics, while remaining impeccably modern“. They’re a four man band from Derby, Derbyshire England. Give this song a listen and be prepared to fight your urge to sing out loud.

You can also follow #TheStruts on Twitter if you want to keep up with their tour and new releases. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

7 responses to “Music Monday! The Struts

  1. Struts Rock! er Yeah they are retro alright.

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