Music Monday! Prince: 1999

I remember when this song came out and I thought 1999 was so far away. 1999 has come and gone and sadly, so has Prince. The final autopsy report isn’t out, but rumors are that Prince died of an opiate overdose. His overdose may not have been heroin either. Reportedly he was prescribed pain medications for pain in his hips. Using pain medications as prescribed usually isn’t dangerous, but no one knows if they carry the gene for addiction. At one time or another we all get prescribed a short acting opiate pain medication. Be careful and talk with your doctor about other pain control options when possible and appropriate.

Sorry I got a little preachy there. Have a great Monday! ~Phil


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  1. Either way, Prince is gone, but I kind of hope it’s not opiate overdose. That seems incongruous with the reports of him being a healthy [vegetarian] guy, not allowing smoking or drinking at Paisley Park, and other aspects of his personality. That said, I didn’t know him & addiction is a terrible, horrific thing; I wish I knew the answers and could help people with those struggles.

    • At this point it’s hard to know what you read on the Internet, whether it is true what I had heard was that he had some to generative conditioning in his hips to two years of dancing in those big high-heeled shoes. He didn’t want to undergo surgery and was taking pain medications to help with that.

      • Yep, I read the same, Phil. Don’t remember the source(s). As you said, it’s very sad that we can’t (by ‘we’ I mean science/medicine and caregivers/society, I guess) help patients manage their pain without addiction.

      • Fortunately, in the United States I believe that there is a lot more scrutiny of treatment and people are looking at other options besides opiates.

      • Yeah, it seems to be, especially with heroin becoming so pervasive. The local news here interviewed a lady whose daughter had died of a heroin overdose, and she related that she hopes, if nothing else, that the result of Prince’s sad death is that (if he died of opiate overdose) more people will be talking about the issue.

    • I do certainly hope that it is not an opiate overdose. We have lost far too many people to that in recent years.

  2. That’s why I stick to heroin!
    (probably terribly inappropriate, I mean it doesn’t even rhyme!!)

  3. Great find for the video. It’s actually quite hard to find videos of Prince on YouTube. I also agree that it’s sad that people are somewhat more interested in how he died as opposed to celebrating his life. 🙁

    • I see interest in how he died and celebrating his music kind of running neck and neck. I’ve seen a lot of love for his music and deservedly so, but if he did die of an overdose, hopefully someone struggling with addiction will learn from this tragedy and get help.

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