Kevin Meaney is Dead? That’s Not Right!


I am always saddened when comedians die. I’m sad when anyone dies of course. We all are, but it’s a different kind of sadness when a famous person who has been part of your life dies unexpectedly. Kevin Meaney wasn’t part of my life in real life, but for the last two and half decades or so I have known him through his stand-up comedy, movies, television and radio. His passing won’t make as big of a splash as Robin Williams did two years ago, but Kevin Meaney was known and loved by many.


My wife and I discovered him when we first met and shared a love of stand-up comedy. We discovered him on the Comedy Central channel and later watched him in the TV series Uncle Buck and in bit parts in many, many other shows and movies. We once went to see him live doing stand-up in our hometown as well.

I have a job that requires me to do quite a bit of driving and over the last few years Kevin had been a regular part time guest on one of my favorite afternoon radio shows. It was through that show that he changed from just a comedian to a person. He struggled with weight loss but was ultimately very successful. He came out as a gay man, and he shared his struggles co-parenting his daughter with his ex-wife.

As I said earlier, I’m always sad when a comedian dies. In life, aside from love, the next best feeling is laughter, and when someone who has provided us with so much laughter is gone, the world seems a little sadder. So Kevin, if you’re up there reading my blog, of course you are, know that we’re all missing you and we are all big pants people too.


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  1. Sad news. Hubby & I got to see him a couple of years ago in PA. He looked great, had dropped the weight ( along with his signature tag lines). I can’t help but think he suffered the same fate as John Pinette. They get healthy and die ☹️ He’ll be missed in the comedy world

  2. The comedians should be exempt from passing since they bring us so much pleasure.

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