Wordless Wednesday! 

In the midst of winter in the northeast I look at pictures like this to remind me that the cold won’t last forever. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! I’m dreaming of travel already and we’ve barely had any winter weather in Philly. 🙁

  3. Great shot. Phil.

  4. Down here in Louisiana, we are having winter this weekend. But worry not, it’ll be back in the 70’s by Tuesday. Crazy weather, as usual.

    • I’m completely jealous of your “winter”. Hopefully some day in the not too distant future I’ll live in that vicinity. The picture is actually of the Gulf and just today a friend sent me a very similar shot because he’s down there this week.

      • It is a great picture. Yes, here in Louisiana we can experience all or most of the seasons in a weeks time. I do wish we had a longer, colder winter.

      • Maybe we can swap homes in the winter and you can experience a winter in the northeast

      • Like the movie, ‘The Holiday.’ That would be cool (pun). I’d be nervous to drive. I was in the north these last several days and my boyfriend’s truck was sliding on the road. Icy roads. I was nervous. I had to put it in 4-w/d to drive it myself. Not very fun! But I could stand sitting in a warm living room
        With a fireplace watching the snow fall from inside. Haha. That’s my idea of a good time

      • I found a meme today and it said…”Louisiana, get ready..winter gonna be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday this year. “

      • You’re killing me! I have had enough of our winters. The windchill was around 0 degrees today!

      • We will be in the 70’s next week. That bleaux’s. But yes, 0 degrees doesn’t sound very fun

      • I’ll be in Florida in 8 days, but that won’t warm me up when I’m back here after a week

      • Enjoy it while it lasts. Florida is lovely.

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