Music Monday! Paramore: Use Somebody

Paramore is a very fun band to see live. Here though is a low key cover done on the BBC’s Live Lounge show. It’s Use Somebody that was originally done by Kings of Leon. If you’re a music fan you should look up the Live Lounge show. It features artists doing covers of their favorite songs by other artists.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

23 responses to “Music Monday! Paramore: Use Somebody

  1. very cool!

  2. that girl’s voice is ridic!

  3. I’m very late to the party when it comes to Paramore. I only recently discovered them via their collaboration with Scottish band Chvrches. I love ‘still into you’ and their new stuff just now is really good. This is a brilliant cover of a brilliant song – thanks for sharing and happy monday 🙂

  4. Haley Williams is terrific. Thanks, Phil

  5. I am quite fond of this song, very much so.

  6. What do you think of their new disco song?

  7. I love Paramore, they are my favourite brand and their new song Hard Times is also very good, thanks for sharing beautiful music here. )

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