People Are Stupid So Why Should It Be…

People are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully?  Well Depeche Mode, I’ll tell you why it should be. It’s because most of those people are either stupid or egregiously ego-centric, or probably both. Over the past two weeks I’ve traveled for work and then went on a vacation. The one constant between these two trip has been people. Mostly stupid people.

Walk This Way

A lot of people seem to have trouble walking. Not physical trouble, mind you. They’re up and walking about, but they walk like arrogant, self-centered jerks. You know that saying, Dance like no one is watching ? A lot of people walk like no one is in their way. Whether it be on a city street or at Epcot in Disney World, Last week at Epcot I wanted to punch at least thirty people in the throat because they just walked right at me in a stupor as if there was no one else in the world. Morons! They fix their eyes on on the burrito stand in Mexico Epcot and it’s full steam ahead in a direct line for their destination. If there is a short fence in front of these people they’d probably fall right over it. In a post from the distant past I referred to these as Hamster Ball People

We needed this rain

I was in Florida and on Tuesday I went to Epcot. About 5 minutes after I got there, the skies opened up as if Noah had just finished boarding all the animals.  Then the rain didn’t stop for at least 2-3 hours. The workers at Epcot were not in the least helpful. As I sloshed  from building to building in my waterlogged shoes I must have heard at least twenty of them say “This is good. We needed this rain. It’s been so dry.” I was tempted to scream at them, “NO! No WE didn’t need THIS RAIN! It’s my vacation! I come to Florida for sunshine and warmth! Everyone does. Shut up about the rain! Your only purpose in life when you live in Florida is to serve the tourists, and we don’t want ANY. FECKING. RAIN!!! These people also deserved a good throat punch, but since I was in the costliest happiest place on Earth, I didn’t do that.

The Doomsday Clock: So this is a fun game. Just in case you weren’t aware, since World World II, the members of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have a clock that only they can adjust the time on and it’s sole purpose is to estimate how close the human race is to exterminating themselves. So last week, amidst the Trump/Russia/South Korea posturing, they moved the clock thirty seconds closer to midnight. Look at that picture. These guys look like loads of fun! They must have been thrilled to be in the news. For scientists though, their production quality leaves a lot to be desired. That’s it? That’s their graphic? A piece of cardboard? In about 5 minutes, 90% of all second grade children could have whipped up a kick ass power point with animated graphics. Oh, and scientists, thanks for your information. I believe that I spoke for all humankind a few weeks ago when I posted Hey Scientists! Shut The H#LL Up!

Well, that was my week. How was yours? Have a great Saturday! ~Phil


36 responses to “People Are Stupid So Why Should It Be…

  1. I had no idea about that Doomsday clock. Wtf?! What a job!….what a world!

  2. My week was filled with stupid people! I was the one at Epcot making the stupid remark about the rain the wildfire behind my house. 🙂

  3. Phil, you might need to calm down on your pavement rage…you’re meant to be on holiday!! You should be walking super slowly and making all the locals mad at you! 🙂

    I get it (I get pavement rage too sometimes when I walk to work) but you should be chilled on vacation.

    • The slow walkers are just as bad! They just stroll along as if there’s no one else wanting to get anywhere!

      • Worse if they walk with several people in a line, taking up the whole pavement so you can’t get around them. *Rage* 😉

  4. Lol 😁 I was singing the intro line in my head! People are really stupid, what can you do?! 🙂

  5. Now wasn’t that special.

  6. There won’t be many times when you get consecutive comments from Aprils, so savour it.

    I had the idiot walking along while looking at his smartphone this morning. He was about a foot away before he realised that a collision was imminent. And don’t get me started on slow walkers. There’s always three or four of them strung out across the pavement, so you have to step into the paths of cars to get past them.

  7. Now you know why I’m on an island surrounded by concertina wire and trip mines. Laugh out loud post, Phil.

  8. Geez someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Lol. People have always been and will always be inherently stupid. I mean what other being could walk along looking at their phone and walk right into a fountain!? No joke. It happened. Once you accept the fact this idiotic planet of dummies will never change, you’ll be Despite your rant, I hope your vacation was a good one.

  9. People were dumb enough on their own
    Never mind the addition of the cell phone.

  10. I have to laugh the image of sloshing through rain at Epcot center, while itching to throat-punch people who are excited to see all that rain. You know who’s not excited to see rain? People who have just paid an obscene amount of money for a highly memorable puddle stomping experience. 😄

  11. I can not tell you how much I dislike walking in crowds for the very reasons you mentioned. I HATE when people stop for no reason in the middle of a crowded sidewalk or store. They don’t even move to the side they just stop for. I reason. Ugh.

  12. HaHa! Even though I always remind myself that I won’t melt in the rain, there is just no fun in slogging around in soggy shoes. And think about us poor, short people that get squished and unnoticed in the crowds … So Phil, you’ve talked me into taking Epcot in the rain off my bucket list. A huge thank you! Anita

  13. I don’t like doing much of anything in crowds, Phil, and that’s why I live in Maine. Except it’s getting a little crowded here so now I don’t know where I will go. Last Saturday I fought like a warrior for a parking space at Chick Filet, hauled my two grandsons through the pouring rain only to face a line longer than the line at Soarin’ and gave up and took them to McDonald’s. That is how rain and stupid people affected our Saturday! I hope you had some rain-free time at Disney. It is my favorite place to spend a fortune.

  14. Every normal man must, at times, be tempted to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
    H.L. Mencken

  15. People are stupid at Costco as well. Like, your buggy is blocking the whole damn aisle pal, pick the pickles you want and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!! Sorry, you had to slosh around Epcot, but at least before you die you can say you went. Since those two funbags just told us we are 30 seconds closer to our expiration date.

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