Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Last week I gave dogs and the dog people their due in the worlds oldest debate.  This week it’s the cats turn. Don’t worry, I have no plans to continue comparing animals.


10. Cattitude: You’ve got to respect their aloofness. They’re not all needy like dogs. If you’re gone 5 minutes, a dog acts like you’ve returned from the Bataan Death March while your cat just checks his watch and goes back to sleep.

9. Pooping indoors: When it’s cold and snowy and my dog has got to go at 6 a.m. I have to take her out. My cat on the other hand is even more stealthy about his bowel movements than I am. Cats are the ultimate Poop at Home People.  Some cats can even poop on a toilet.

8.  Cats are never sick: My cat has been to the vet two times in three years. My dog? Dogs get ear infections as often as an 8 year old at summer camp.

7. Toonces: I don’t recall any Saturday Night Live skits about dogs, do you?


6. Cats are natural ghost hunters: If there’s a ghost in your house cats will always spot them and either run away or follow the invisible-to-you spectre.  Dogs don’t have that kind of attention span, leaving you completely vulnerable to ghost attacks. (Thank you to Rene of Mind Chatter for that one)

5. Cats poop in a box: With dogs it could be anywhere in your yard and you have to find it like you’re in a disgusting Easter egg hunt.

4. Has anyone ever made a Broadway play called Dogs?

3. Cats will run around the house at full speed at 3 a.m. just to make sure you’re not sleeping too soundly.

2. Cats will ignore you until you’re ready to go to work or out to dinner; then they’ll rub against to you ensure that your clothes look like you rolled around in a fur factory. That’s how they say I love you.


1. Cats are realists: If your plane goes down in the Andes mountains, your dog will either run down the mountain trying to find help, only to ultimately die of frostbite, or it will cuddle with you to leech away your body warmth so it could survive. A cat in that situation would start eating you before you were even dead.

That funny cat in the last picture looking like he’s surrendering to the authorities is my cat Brady. I’ve got a cat and dog, so I love both for different reasons and their interactions are always fun to watch. If you can think or any other funny reasons cats or dogs are better than the other feel free to add in the comments. Have a great Tuesday! ~ Phil

23 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. Don’t blame the cats for doing cat things. Blame the owners for not keeping them indoors.

  2. How about: You can order all kinds of expensive cat toys and the cats will end up playing in the box they came in. 🙂 That’s what my cats do.

  3. Reblogged this on D. Dominik Wickles, Romance Author and commented:
    I agree with all of these plus some. What can you add to the list?

  4. Brady looks like he owns the place. Probably does. Nice job, Phil.

  5. I see your done comparing though
    I really must confess
    I’m disappointed thought that you
    Were doing gerbils next.

  6. so funny and sweet. and true

  7. I love my dog, because dog. I am a cat person though. Can’t live without one. Or three.

  8. Brady looks like a total boss! Love this post, it made me laugh out loud because every word is true. My cat used to stare into a dark corner with a look of complete terror on his face and I wondered how long it would be until I was murdered. Thanks for that, Garth.

  9. Greetings fellow cat lover! Thanks for sharing this. I am a cat lover and we have just rescued three little cuties, Nera, Ebony and Ziggy. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a cat I saw on holiday in case you have time to look? Have a good weekend, Sam 🙂

  10. Very funny and a-meow-sing!
    My cats run the house, we (humble humans) pay the bills.

  11. I love cats and dogs too, but have mainly owned cats. Recently I looked after a very cute dog. The next morning he popped into my kitchen with something in his mouth and deposited it on the floor. If it had been a cat it would have been a dead mouse or such like. It was a tiny flower (well a weed, but the dog didn’t know the difference.) I was so taken with that! What a charmer!

  12. Ha ha ha! Excellent post. I wrote about my cat and her antics in this post:🐾/
    Maybe you would like to take a look at it sometime. Thank you.

  13. I think it’s easier to go on vacation and leave a cat behind than it is to leave a dog behind. Same thing if you’re just staying out late or have a change of plans (with dogs you have to make sure you get back in time to let them out to poop and go for a walk).

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