Music Monday! Sir Sly: High

Before anyone reacts, yes, I realize this song seems to imply drug use. That being said, I do not recommend, support, or participate in illegal drug use. I like the sound of the chorus of this song. This song is also part of the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why which is a controversial Netflix series that deals with teen suicide. I am also not in favor of teen or adult suicide. Sir Sly first found fame in 2013 when their song Gold was used in a promo  for a video game. Later it was also used in a Cadillac commercial.

Don’t do drugs and don’t kill yourself. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

6 responses to “Music Monday! Sir Sly: High

  1. The agrarian authorities patrol the fields. By grievous omission, you are condoning Broccoli suicide. When feeling unloved, they turn their leaves toward the sun, grow conspicuously, and commit suicide by farmer. The Devil kills by stir-fry high.

  2. Great song and trip video. Love the artistry of it actually. Not condoning anything either… 😀

  3. But legal drug use is ok right? 😉😄

  4. Great song! While I’m not condoning anything either, as someone “of a certain age,” it cracks me up a bit when people get in a tizzy over lyrics that may imply drug use or other vices. A friend was shocked about the meaning of “Can’t Feel My Face” and I said, “yeah, and when I was in high school there was a song that was about cocaine. It was called “Cocaine!”
    That’s just one example. Listen to something like “Chevy Van” from the 70s… which we would sing on the bus home from school in 6th grade!

  5. Like the way you feel the need to include disclaimer statements in trying to avoid the “guilt by association” phenomenon.

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