Wordless Wednesday! My First Blogging Picture

You know that I love to brag about how long my blog has been around ( 12 1/2 years). Here’s a picture of me writing my first blog post. Just kidding of course. Who knows what this picture is from? First person to get it right gets a free paperback, Audible, or e-book copy of my book Time To Lie.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! My First Blogging Picture

  1. I already know I’m right, because sure enough, it’s in the tags LOL πŸ™‚

  2. DOOGIE! Is it? Sorry, I haven’t been around Phil. I am, however, getting my poop in a group again so will be trying to get caught up or at least staying current. Congratulations to you on 12 1/2 years of blogging. Damn, that is impressive!

  3. Nice job of tag exposure, Phil.

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