Thank You and a Question

I sincerely want to thank all of you who voted for my book, Time To Lie, in the November Cover of the Month contest. I didn’t win, but I did very well thanks to all your support.

Here’s my question: I’m looking to boost sales of my book with some kind of giveaway. I’m willing to offer a prize of an Amazon gift card or cards, there could be multiple winners. Does anyone have any clever ideas how I could connect those two things?

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

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  1. Congratulations on your success. I’m not sure people buy books in the hope to win a prize. But one thing that might help is donating a portion of your sales to a charity, (depending on your budget of course), like a St Jude Hospital or Wounded Warrior Foundation. I know this is done easily on eBay, not sure of Amazon though. I was able to raise and donate $13,000 to St Jude just 2 years ago simply selling DVDs on eBay. It also gave me a sense of pride that I was able to raise the much during that fund drive. Not sure if this helps, but I thought I would toss it out there anyway. Your skill as a writer has the potential to help a lot of people. Good luck.

  2. Yeah, not sure about a contest. But people sure do like free stuff or discounted stuff. Could you offer one of your other books as a giveaway? Or at a reduced rate when they buy A Time To Lie?

    • I didn’t mean necessarily a contest, but some way to give away an Amazon gift card to a random winner or two

      • Like a drawing …. Do you do the whole e-mail newsletter thing? ‘They’ say that’s a must for an indie author. (I have not done one yet…) Anyway, maybe a chance to win a gift card for signing up for your newsletter? (If you do one)

  3. Instagram challenge – they have to post a picture of either your book or them reading your book with a particular hashtag during a set time frame to win

  4. Or – trivia challenge – ask a question that can only be answered by reading your book

  5. We have a radio show over here in the UK where people write in with their “confessions”, which I guess you could call “untruths/lies”. There are some really funny ones and the radio show.invites people to text in to say whether or.not they would forgive the person. Maybe you could ask your readers to send in their confessions and you judge the best ones?

  6. Hey Phil, re: fundraising. If you do this outside of an established entity, like eBay, etc, you will need written permission from the charity first because you’re using their name. Just an FYI!

    Congrats on your success so far. More on its way 😊

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