Was It Really A Wonderful Life? 10 Things George Bailey Should Have Done Differently

I wonder if Kanye is on to something? Is it possible that the quintessential, iconic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life could have, should have been better? I say yes, and here are ten things George would have done if he were a morally questionable protagonist.

10. George should have punched Sam Wainwright: The first time that dolt popped up and said “Hee haw!” George should have punched him in the throat. Then he should have done it every other time until Sam learned to shut the hell up.

9. Violet: ‘Nuff said.

8. Mr. Gower: George could have been a wealthy young man had he chosen to blackmail Pharmacist Gower over almost killing that kid by putting the wrong meds in the bottle. Especially after Mr. Gower hit him on his bad ear. A little hush money never hurt anybody.

"If you don't stop saying stupid stuff I'll throw you out of this bar myself"

“If you don’t stop saying stupid stuff I’ll throw you out of this bar myself”

7. George should have punched Clarence the Angel: If that were my guardian angel, I might choose not to go to Heaven if I have to hang out with him for all eternity.

6. George should have thrown a rock at the neighbor who told him to shut up and kiss Mary.

"I'm going to throw a rock at him"

“I’m going to throw a rock at him”

5. George should have been arrested by the town cop first for throwing the rock at the neighbor (see #6) and for vandalizing the house.

4. George shouldn’t have given Mary the robe back when she was in the hydrangea bush.

3. George should have pulled his brothers fiance’ aside and told her that his brother Harry is a big cheater and he would leave her, just like he did his other wives. Then heartbroken Harry takes over the Building & Loan and George goes to college.

2. He should have taken that job  that Potter offered him! Adjusted for inflation, that was the equivalent of a six figure salary nowadays. Btw, if you weren’t aware, the actor that played Mr. Potter is Drew Barrymore’s great uncle.


1. Throw Billy under the bus: No, not literally. But when Uncle Billy lost that $8000 I would have ratted him out to the police in about two seconds.

So , what do you think? How about a modern re-make with a realistic George Bailey? The guy was miserable almost constantly until they had a nice party and bailed him out at the end. What happens after that party? Clarence gets his friggin’ wings but George is stuck going back to the life he was already so miserable in. Would other changes would you make to It’s a Wonderful Life?

Have a great weekend! ~ Phil

31 responses to “Was It Really A Wonderful Life? 10 Things George Bailey Should Have Done Differently

  1. George lived in a world of civility. That’s passé now. Enjoyed contemplating what might have been in today’s environment 🙂

  2. I’ve only seen the movie once, but your assessment made me laugh. It sounds like you prefer your holiday movies like Die Hard (though I can see why Home Alone would still win out).

  3. Shame on you, Phil, for taking a holiday classic and making George the bad guy!! We need more George Baileys these days, this world is full of enough violence. And yes, It’s a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite Christmas movie 🎄😊

    Btw I’m just kidding about the shame on you part 😉

  4. Well that is certainly quite a top 10
    I think that to add, I’d have to watch it again!

  5. I like Miracle on 34th Street as a favorite.

  6. You’re a very sad person, Phil. I can only imagine that you live somewhere like Potterville. Potter is probably your uncle.

  7. BAH HUMGUB!! You have just ruined my favourite Christmas film for all times. LOL . Actually, I agree with most of your suggestions Happy Hols!

  8. Oh it’s not going to be on again, is it? 🙄

  9. You have made me laugh, Phil – tried to get our kids(tweens) to watch it for the first time last Xmas, but from the word go they were making comments exactly you have……only made it about a third of the way, leaving hubby and me watching the rest…again!!! Sharing…..C x

  10. Yours is a much more violent and tense version, Phil!

  11. I’ve always hated this stupid movie, which means I really love this. It’s a Wonderful Post!

  12. I’d have Kanye West do the soundtrack.

  13. What? George as the bad guy? Does that make Mr. Potter the hero? So Pottersville is really a suburban dream neighborhood?

    • I didn’t think I was portraying George as a bad guy, but more of a normal guy. Nice George in the movie put up with way too much stupidity from those around him

  14. Don’t judge, but I’ve never seen the original all the way through. Maybe if it had gone more like this…

  15. I think George goes back to his old life realizing how rich he really is! I’m a HUGE fan of this movie. And I adore Jimmy Stewart! I think I’ve seen the film every year for as long as I can remember and I still cry every time. And I’m not that weepy believe me!

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