A Quick Poll. Please Help Me Name My Next Book!

The sequel to Time To Lie has been written and edited. I have sent it off to the publisher. I have tentatively titled it The Last Locked Door. I’m wondering if that’s a strong enough title to lure readers in. Many a book, movie or other product have been either successful or done poorly based on the choice of name. I want your opinion on the title The Last Locked Door. Vote in the poll !

Thanks everybody! I really appreciate your help. Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

26 responses to “A Quick Poll. Please Help Me Name My Next Book!

  1. did you include the link to the poll?

  2. It is intriguing but what kind of book is it? To me, it sounds like a dark mystery/thriller novel.

    If I were clicking through STARZ or HBO and saw that name, I would give it less evaluation time, especially if the tones were dark – because, you know, yet another slasher story. Others might see that as a positive.

  3. okay, i’ve done it!

  4. Being a mystery/thriller lover… I’d totally pick that up.

  5. What about calling it ‘The Final Portal’? Without reading the book it’s quite hard to give it a great title. Maybe your editor / publisher will have some insights…

  6. I think you need a little more action in your title. How about The Last Door Locked. Or The Last Door Slammed.

  7. I like the alliteration. Although I read through the comments and like the longer version too (The Last Locked Door at the End of the Universe). Longer titles are having a moment, it seems. Congrats on finishing your edits and sending it off!! Woo-hoo!!

  8. I think it’s great–I voted Yes, it’s intriguing!

  9. I like it, BUT for an embarrassingly nerdy reason:

    One of my favorite books in Skyrim (yes, I’m the sort who stops to read the books; this should not surprise you at all) is called The Locked Room and it’s creepy and wonderful (and gives you a point in the lockpicking skill, so grab it if you see it).

    So. I might pick it up wondering if anything about it is at all similar to that story (probably not… and I probably won’t get any better at picking locks in any case) but then I’d be delighted by your storytelling and wit and by the time I realized there wasn’t going to be a hungry vampire I’d be hooked!

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