Throwback Valentine’s Thursday! Top Ten Rejected Candy Heart Sayings

You know those chalky candy hearts that for the better part of a century have been shared on Valentine’s Day? They’re so cute with their little candy inscriptions of “I love you” or “Hugs” or other nonsense. I imagine though that there were some ideas that didn’t make it.

10. It’s not you, it’s me

9. Not a cold sore

8. Maybe Next Time


7. Better late than never

6. It’s eczema. Yes, there.  I swear.

5. The Phil Factor


4. My last test was clean

3. You paying for dinner?

2. Almost divorced


1. It’s not yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! One of the things I’m in love with is comments. What are your funny ideas for rejected candy hearts sayings?

Have a great day, Valentine’s or otherwise! ~Phil

10 responses to “Throwback Valentine’s Thursday! Top Ten Rejected Candy Heart Sayings

  1. I so want a box of those hearts!
    Seriously, you should start making them and market them to sarcastic lovers. You’ll make a fortune!

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  2. “Don’t touch me” might be another one.

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  3. They stopped making the hearts!!! How dare they?

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  4. “Is that legal?”
    “I’m using my Safe Word soon”
    Admittedly these may be of better use a little further on into Valentine’s Day.

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  5. Interesting saying on hearts!

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