If You Live Somewhere, I’m Looking For You!

This post isn’t as creepy as the title might suggest. When you’re planning a vacation and choosing cities and areas to visit, all travel ads make everywhere look amazing, right? Have you ever wished you knew someone who lived where you plan to go so you can get an inside scoop about the best places to go, stay, and eat?

As I said in the title, if you live somewhere, I want your help. If you may remember, in May of this year I started a travel blog called Philliver’s Travels. I travel more than most but not as much as some, so my problem in writing a travel blog is that I haven’t been everywhere yet. That’s where you come in, if you want to. And hopefully it results in me writing better posts and you gaining a few more followers for your blog.

About a week ago I started a series I call 50/50. My goal is to write a post about all 50 of the states in the United States in 50 days. (Don’t check out yet if you’re from another country because after I finish the States I’d like to get some expert advice on traveling to so many countries that I haven’t been to yet.) I’m looking for volunteers from any state in the United States to just answer a few questions by email to help give my readers some of that insider advice we all want. OR, if you want to write an entire post about your home state, you’re welcome to take over Philliver’s Travels for a day!

What’s in it for you? In the post that you contribute to, or completely write, I or you can plug your blog with a link and summary about it, so hopefully we all get more followers and online friends, and better information for when we travel. Also, if you could follow Philliver’s Travels that would be great because the 8 views a day are really bumming me out.

Have a great Sunday, and safe travels! ~Phil

13 responses to “If You Live Somewhere, I’m Looking For You!

  1. Hey Phil, this is Shannon from Must Hike Must Eat. If you need Washington State, I will gladly fill out your questionnaire and and offer plenty of quirky places to visit. 🙂

  2. This sounds like such a grand idea. I have no idea what each state ‘is all about’ – I’ll be sure to read!

  3. Phil, I was a tour guide in DC, and can offer free eCopies of my book, Stayed on Freedom’s Call, as useful (chapter 6) to take with them in seeing parts of DC that most tour guides don’s show.

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